Windy but nice today for shooting

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    Weather has been bad here and getting the bug to shoot. Tired of the shooting games on the internet. Cast about 100 Sabots and playing with loads. Started with 17 gr of 700x and worked my way up. Got to 30 gr and decided my shoulder couldn't take it so backed down to 21 gr and that's stout enough. Bought some Cheddite primed hulls to see how they do. They did pretty good, all touching at 60 yards. WAA 12 wads, micaed, work real good with these. I think I will get a red dot scope for this and try that. I have a lazer red dot but can't see in the sunlight. I can't get any SP or SR primers so the shot gun is going to have to fill end for now. I have a Mossberg Mavrick 88 rifled barrel with iron sights and am surprised how well it shoots. The wind doesn't bother these much at this range. The holes are easy to see in the paper. I have the Lee 1 oz slug also and will play with that some later.
    I took a pic of the target and you can see they grouped very good (12 rounds). The few fliers are my fault from flinching with the strong loads. Tried 40 gr of Blue Dot, WOW, too much. Book says you can go 49 gr, not this BOY.

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