Winds of Change

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    I feel different. I can breathe a easier. I feel the winds of change.

    I like many other people have suffered financially and mentally due to our almost economic collapse. This I believe ultimately, was a good thing for the health of our economy. Things aren't perfect and things aren't even argueable good, but, I believe most of us has walked away with a valuable lesson during this crisis. I believe we are smarter, more efficient, more responsible, and more humane.

    Our economy was just a ticking time bomb. Too many of us were living outside means. Credit was obtainably easy. Interest rates were over inflated, and big corperations became glutenous. Did we deserve a pie in our face? No. Did we see it coming? Yes. Did we prepare for it? Sadly No. Let this be a lesson to us all.

    Like myself, people have been complaining about our loses and our hardships, complaining we've hit the bottom of the barrel. Look over my friend some people don't have a barrel to piss in. Makes me ashamed. How did we get so self absorbed, so selfish. So...inhumane.

    I've always believed I was genuinely a good, charitable guy. I have a friend that work in social services. Every year she provided me a list of families that were less fortunite. I always picked a name, anonimously, during christmas and made sure the family got everything on their list in just time for Christmas. Truth of the matter is, it was not charitable, it was selfish. I come to realize, that this so called deed, was just an excuse for me to console myself for not doing anything for the rest of the year. There is a lot more that I could have done. Shamefully, it was only till my own possible demise that this was apparent.

    Amazingly, I have seen more and more people have a positive outlook on life, even though they've lost a great deal. People are downsizing, getting rid of their toys, and getting back to basics. Things that are truely important and essentail in this life, family, food, shelter, and protection. I don't mean guns, but readiness, awareness, a good plan of alternatives whatever it may be.

    Yes I feel different. We are different. Lets move on together and show a little more consideration outside our own bubble.
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    The sad part is many folks do not want any change. The people that bought houses they knew they couldn't afford now just wait for government money to bail them out. The same folks run up huge credit card balances knowing they'll just file for bankruptcy and let "us" pay their bills.

    I was raised to understand and believe in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY - sadly, many folks were not...

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    "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."
    "When it is darkest, men see the stars."
    "I cried because I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet."
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    THERE ya go!
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    I believe that responsibility is key. No doubt about it. However if you live in a society and reap the benefits and comforts of it, you are also responsible for the person next to you. Sadly there will always be those out there that take advantage of the system, but we should not be less humane. There are honest people, families that fell into hard times.