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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by ScottA, Sep 25, 2010.

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    Dropped off my wife at Kohl's. How convenient, Gander Mountain is right next door. So I told her to call me while I went window shopping for pistols.

    I've pretty well decided that a 9mm should be my next acquisition, but checked out a few others as well.

    Looked at the new Bodyguard's from S&W. I like the feel of the .380 compared to the Kel-Tec or Ruger LCP. Trigger and hammer just feel much more substantial. Compared the .38 to the LCR. The trigger on the LCR does feel better, but it does not feel $150 better. I'd say S&W has really come up with a great pair of guns there.

    Checked out the Ruger SR9c and the XDsc. Although I love my XDm .40; I just don't know that the sc's impress me. The SR9c felt a little more natural in my hand. I'd probably have to go with the SR9c if given the choice between them.

    But my big problem is the Springfield EMP. DANG! I love that gun. That just feels so perfect in the hand. I can buy 2 SR9c's for the price of one EMP, but I think I may have to splurge come b-day time. Who knows... may yet change my mind before January. Wouldn't have anticipated that my first 1911 would be an EMP.
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    The EMP 9mm is an awesome pistol. You'll be very happy with it.

    The only thing I didn't care for was having to put a clip on the guide rod to capture the recoil spring. I think that's what it was, it was some years back. All I remember was that take down was kind of a PITA because of that.

    BTW, for EMP money you can get a good basic 1911 in .45ACP as God and J.M.B. intended and an SR9c. ;)