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    Team - My uncle just past away and he as well as myself are hunters (I should say he was a hunter and I am pretty sure he still is somewhere out there hunting in heaven). He willed to me the following: Windchester 63-22 L Rifle Superspeed & Super-X, serial # 07269A. Growing up in western VA I hunted lots of small game with my 4-10 and 22. Also big game (deer) as well as turkey (and still do in MA). I wanted to know if anyone had any info on this rifle...but understand it is not for will be passed down as my uncle wanted per his will to my oldest...just don't want to set any expectations for dealers. If anyone has some time just looking for info. Year made, insurance value, etc.

    Thanks and God Bless.
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    I don't have an original Winchester Mod.63, but two years ago I bought the Mod.63 copy made by Taurus. I paid $189 for it and I love it. Two thiings I don't like, and I don't know if the Winchester's are like this, but there are no grooves in the receiver to mount a scope - strictly iron sights, and there is no way to mount a sling because of the cocking piece under the barrel. The gun only shoots one brand of ammo accurately - Federal 36gr. HP Value Pack ammo. It never jams and is a ton of fun. I'm sure the Winchester is a much better gun and is certainly a collectors item! Good luck with it, and if you shoot it, post the results!

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    The model 63 10 -shot tube mag open sights 20'' barrell (disc 1936) or 23'' barrel. The 63 was introduced to take advantage of the new .22 LR cartidge. 50%= $425 70%=$675 90%=$850 95%=$975 98%=$1,100

    add 20% for grooved receiver variation.

    add 100%-150% for 20'' barrel depending on condition of rifle.

    approx 174,692 mfg. between 1933-58

    serial # 07269A mfg 1935

    Hope this helps
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    I have one passed down from my Dad. It was new in 36'; It was given to my Dad for his 16th birthday in 1940. He went to WW II in 42'. The rifle was give to me as a boy in 1959. It is my most valuable personal material possession for many reason. All of that said, the rifle was designed by J.M. Browning. It is a dandy. It has never jambed or failed me.

    I have some other very fine Rifles, but none mean as much to me. I also have my Grand Pa's Winchester Model 62 Pump. It too is important as I practiced with it because it would shoot .22 Shorts. They were inexpensive, about 1/2 the price of Long Rifle shells.
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    Original Winchester 63s are my all-time favorite semiauto .22s. I have two that have been in the family for many years. One is a pre-WWII model without the grooved receiver. The other was manufactured in '47 and was one of Dad's samples when he was Winchester's rep for Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas ('48-'52). It has a grooved receiver. At age 66 my eyes now need optical assistance for accurate shooting so guess which one gets the most use?