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    Three times I have had loose windage screws on Leupold std mounting base (dovetail front/windage rear). Two times I have had broken windage screws. The first time someone told me that you have to use Leupold bases and rings, or they would loosen. I am getting a lot of old age moments at times, but I do believe they were tightened down. But it was before I had a torque wrench . Yesterday I got back from the range with M-99 .358 that had been giving me fits with accuracy. Of course I was blaming the scope. I decided to swap scopes, then is when I found the windage screws about a half turn loose. I put the torque wrench on them and before it got any where 45 in/lbs the screw broke. I also have some rifles that have windage adjustment base that have never loosened. Should I use some locktight on the windage screws?
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    I always use some loctite. I do not have such a hard hitter as yours, but, with mine, I never had the screws come loose.

    I also do not retighten screws. The torque applied the first time does stretch the screw and does make it susceptible to breaking.
    I buy new screws.
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    New screws are always the way to go.