Winchester SXP

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    Hi guys, I’ve back tracked through historical posts to check if this has already been talked about but I couldn’t find anything. Apologies if I’m repeating topics.

    The walnut on my side by side has taken a beating over the years so I decided to retire it to lighter loads and buy myself a Winchester SXP 12g field gun for the bigger stuff.

    It seems like a really nice gun, solid construction with a good weight to it (not too light). The pump mechanism is very smooth and it locks into place without movement. I like the finish on the receiver and the clean cut ejection port.
    The only thing I didn’t like was the barrel mainly because it says "made in Turkey on it", plus it seems painted as appose to anodised like the receiver (I may be wrong).
    Also there seems to be a lack in aftermarket parts.

    Anybody have any experience with this gun, any issues with it as of yet?

    Thanks for reading.