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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Bangbang, May 29, 2007.

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    I'm curious to know what the chances are of accidental detenation of the bullets in the lower barrel magizine detenating when I'm firing the rifle as the bullets are nosed up against the primer of the leading bullet,as I have heard that this has happened on a few occasions in the past with lever action rifles,are there bullets manufactured that are less likly to detonate accidently in the magizine chamber.thanks again just curious for any input and has anyone heard of this happening before and if so are there other recomanded bullets that would lesson the chance of accidential detonation in the magizine holding chamber.Thanks
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    As long as the bullets are flat or round tipped it's safe.Pointed bullets are dangerous when stacked tip to primer.I have used pointed bullets in tube rifles with one in the chamber and "#1 one" in the tube only.



    If it says 30-30 on the round, your safe. That's one of the catch-all's of the's tube fed, which is cool, but you could have a detonation if you used some hand loaded sharp pointed projectile and stacked them back to back in the tube. No manufacturer makes an "over the shelf 30-30 round" that I am aware of that does not take that into account. You could hand load yourself into hell and high water though, because there are many 30 cal rounds that will fit in the casing and fly through the barrel that have sharp points on them...which could lead to the problem you are asking about.

    Hornady has the fix for this. If you want to buy it off the shelf, its called LEVERevolution and comes with a much better round that has a point on it...but its made of some plastic or poly stuff, so it will not set off the primers in the tube.

    The added benefit to these is they are WAY more, way less drag as they go through the air, so they don't bleed speed due to drag like those stubby flat things that we normally use. I think they call this ballistics or something like

    Fact is, at 300 yards, they are almost 14 inches higher (14 inches less bullet drop) than a standard 30-30 round with a flat or stubby nose.

    Load those up, scope it up, and 225 yard shots with your 30-30 are not magic anymore...

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    Please note the DATE. This question was asked in 2007.
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