Winchester Ranger 30-30

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  1. Toll13

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    I love the look and feel of my lever action but this thing kicks like a mule. Am I using the wrong ammo or is this standard for a 30-30? I'm using Remington brand rounds. I don't hunt or really use it for anything that needs power, just fun at the range. Is there a Winchester lever action with a little less power?
  2. c3shooter

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    Well, the 30-30 is not noted as a "punishing" cartridge in any rifle- it WILL have more recoil than a .22, but that is purely action= reaction.

    I have not had the opportunity to come to know and love you for the truly wonderful person you are, and do not know the experience you have had with rifles. A couple of things you CAN do that can reduce perceived recoil-

    First, be certain that the rifle is SNUGLY, even TIGHTLY pulled into the pocket of your shoulder. A loosely held firearm will be able to move a distance before smashing into your bod- held tightly, it does not have room to build momentum, and will PUSH rather than SLAP.

    Second, check into a slip-on recoil pad. They are cheap, easy to install, and can help soak up some kick. Also, look at your shooting position. Prone leaves little room for your body to give with recoil.

  3. hiwall

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    First listen to c3shooter as he is wise. Also if you are shooting 170 gr. bullets you could drop down to 150 gr. Lighter bullets = less recoil. But note that your point of impact will most likely change.
  4. Axxe55

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    c3 is giving you some good information. i like the winchester M94 30-30. good rifle and i like the classic looks of it. as c3 stated, what is your past experiance with firearms? because going from a 22lr to a 30-30 can be a sharp contraast in terms of recoil. i've shot and owned several 30-30 rifles over the years, and they are a little snappy in recoil, plus loud!
  5. OC357

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    The 30-30 is a more potent round than it is given credit for. That said, I don't think they kick that bad but when I use mine it is usually cold weather during deer season and I have several layers of clothing on so maybe it gets a little cushion or something. But I don't take it to the range and blast through a box of ammo with it.

    If I am going to the range to just shoot and I take several guns, the one that gets the most use and is the most fun by far is a .22 for sure.

  6. Trez

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    Dont feel bad... I think my 30-30 Marlin kicks like a mule too... I find that the 30-30 has a "sharp" recoil, my mil-surps may shoot bigger rounds, but the recoil is more of a push. I would guess this is because my Marlin 30-30 has a shorter barrel and weighs less?
    I agree with Axxe55... "they are a little snappy in recoil, plus loud!"

    Anyways, ive started to shoot rounds using Trail Boss powder and the kick is gone, its like a overgrown .22 now. I take it out about everytime I go shooting....
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  7. Lindenwood

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    When shooting a heavier-recoiling long gun, push forward on the forend while pulling back with your shooting hand.

    Pulling back with your shooting hand keeps the gun tight against your shoulder for the above reasons.

    However, pushing forward on the forend keeps your left arm rigidly attached to the rifle, so under recoil it will also push back against your left shoulder (through your left arm), as well as your right shoulder (through the stock). This spreads the recoil to both shoulders rather than one, and is not only more comfortable but also allows for faster recovery.

    And yes, a good recoil pad will make a serious different as well.
  8. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    thanks trez, i've noticed that different powders make a difference in recoil when reloading. i've got a 7mm mag. that i reload for, using IMR 4895 powder, it feels more like a 243! if you started reloading and trying different powders, you might notice a difference in recoil. if not, then try different brands of ammo and try the slip on recoil pad that was suggested. another thing, does your rifle still have the hard plastic or metal buttplate? if so, then this will make a difference in felt recoil, as there is not any cushion for the recoil. lots of winchester M94's had hard buttplates, mine did.
  9. Wambli

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    The Winchesters tend to have quite a bit of felt recoil because of the thin buttstocks and lack of soft rubber recoil pad. Switch to a 150 gr load instead of the standard 170 should ease things a bit. A slip on recoil pad or a Past Recoil shield will make a huge difference.
  10. Toll13

    Toll13 New Member

    I do shoot 22 primarily. I know it will kick harder but it just takes all the fun away. The shells I have are 150 grain so ill try 120 and a recoil pad. Thanks for the advice.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    The 120 grain won't help enuff to notice-
    If the 30-30 gives too much felt recoil -- Well, you need to get used to it or drop down in caliber :rolleyes:
    Personally I love recoil :cool:
    Many dont -:(
  12. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    now IMO, the recoil on a 30-30 is snappy, but doesn't tend to bother me too bad as i do shoot a lot of larger caliber and magnum rifles. going from a 22lr to a 30-30 is a huge difference in contrast to recoil.