Winchester model 94AE xtr 1984 Dodge Marksman

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    I picked up one of these awhile back and have had a bugger of a time finding any info about them.

    I have figured these were a promotional rifle through the Dodge dealerships. Any idea how to find out many were issued? Does this promotion make this particular rifle a bit more rare? Did Winchester do any other promotions like this? Know where a person could search? Web links?

    I can't even find it listed in the varoius value books. They list the 94 xtr's but not the 94AE xtr Dodge marksman. Mine is in 95-98% condition. Got real lucky when I found it. If I had waited one day it would have been gone.

    Not worried about value as I won't be selling it any time soon. But it would be nice to find out some more about these rifles.

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    Winchester "Dodge Marksman"

    In reply to the person who has the Dodge Marksman model 94, it was a promotion in 1984. If you purchased a Dodge Truck you were given a certificate to receive the "Marksman".

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    Question asked in Aug. 2007 and answered today in July of 2011.

    I don't care what they may say, if you want answers, this is the place to come. ;)