Winchester model 94 lever action

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    When am makeing my owen buttels is it safe to use wadcutters with gas checks in it
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    What does that have to do with a Model 94? Let me try to guess at your meaning... Wad cutters have no provision for gas checks. SEMI-wadcutters are available with such a provision. The model 94 is most often chambered in .30-30. Semi-wadcutters are not normal in .30 caliber. I use a 150gr round nose gas check bullet for many .30 caliber applications including .30-30. Before you atempt to load cast bullets in a rifle, you should first get and read the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. There are things to consider like alloy hardness. f you are going to send these down range at or above 2000fps, you will need a very hard bullet. Wheel weights are probably not hard enough. You will want at least 50/50 Wheel weight/linotype and a gas check.

    Back to the original question, wadcutters may give trouble feeding through the action even if you can find an appropriate mold.