winchester model 77????

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    i hope someone is fimiliar with these rifles. my grandpa handed me down a model 77 with tube fed magazine with a blonde stock. the stock isnt in the best condition but was told its a real nice shooter. are these good for a survival/plinking rifle or am i better off just getting a ruger 10/22? and if anyone can tell me where i could get a new or better condition used stock i would greatly appreciate it. thanks for reading my post.
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    Try numrich gun parts corp for the stock the model 77 was made from 1955 to 1963 with about 218,000 made all winny's are good shooters

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    Till you clean your new to you rifle up and shoot a few rounds theresno telling how good it is. They pretty good good rifles if kept up. If the blueing is good it is worth more than a ruger for sure. if not make it a good shooter and let it be. Well if you need a unfinished stock here one- Or just open the crack glue and screw it and and enjoy it.
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    thanks for pointing me towards those sites. not only can i find parts for my model 77 on there but i can find parts for my model 94 and 97 as well!!! my grandpa handed me down those 2 as well :) . here are some pics of my model 77.

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    For a rifle 50 years old or older it looks pretty good.
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    Since the stock has already been refinished into the blond, wouldn't hurt it to use Citri-Strip and then restain it to a more appropriate Brown...
    or any other color you like ;)

    It ain't that difficult...but I will advise to use a High Quality in, Not Minwax...that's the cheap stuff...tends towards blotchyness & color seepage.
    Its available in more colors, but it is the low end and gives one a lower-end stain as compared to higher quality stains...
    Formby's, Old Dad's, General Finishes, Wood You brand, etc...get the good stuff, it ends up with richer color & depth :)

    Now their Polyurethanes I like...and use their Marine Grade poly (Helmsman Spar) for hard-use hunting Gunstocks quite often...
    and the Crystal Clear for showpiece stocks...

    But having done much furniture & gunstock finishing & refinishing...Minwax Stains just suck, IMHO
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