Winchester Model 72

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    I have a Winchester model 72 that was handed down to me by my Dad. He got it from My grandfather. I suspect it is somewhat old. I was wondering if someone knows when the Win. 72 was first made. I can tell you, this it is close to a heavy barrel. It probably has around 10 to 15 thousand rounds through it. Hell I put that many through it. I don't think my dad or grandfather shot it as much as I have.

    Does anyone here own one? Where did you get it if so? Do you still shoot it?

    BTW, I own two 10/22s and one Marlin 60. This old Win. model 72 is way more accurate than all three of them.
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    There were 161,000 made between 1938-1959. There is no serial number so dating would be difficult. If the barrel is not tapered the value jumps by 30%. If you have the gallery model (22 Short ONLY) then it doubles the price.

    I don't own one but if I did I sure would shoot the hell out of it. You can't wear out a rimfire unless you don't take good care of it and the bore rusts or pits.

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