Winchester model 70- 7mm mag.

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by samuelrh2000, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. samuelrh2000

    samuelrh2000 New Member

    Can any one give me some info on this rifle. How does it shoot, pointers on sighting it in. would it be a good deer rifle. I would appreciate your thoughts.
  2. Jake15

    Jake15 New Member

    I have a winchester 70 in 7mm rem mag, and its one of my favorite rifles. Shoots great, well balanced, and well made. The only problem I had is that the factory synthetic stock was crap, so I put a hogue overmolded stock on it, now its awesome! Great deer rifle, but you got to be careful with hotter loads or they can mess up some meat, so I try to shoot em in the neck. As for sighting in either get someone to bore sight it or buy a bore sighter so you'll at least be on paper then just adjust your scope like any other rifle. Its a great rifle, and it didn't get called "the riflemans rifle" for nothing.

  3. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine just bought one and loves it....
  4. JaDub

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    Most accurate gun I own. It will shoot a 4 shot 3/4 " group at 100 yds with factory Remington core-lokt 150s. I have the deluxe model with wood stock and a Weaver 9V1 3-9 scope. It was made in 1974. I`ve yet to reload anything custom for it however I will pursue that in the near future.

  5. Dillinger

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    Can you give us a little more info?:confused:

    What year? What type of stock? What type of barrel, thin or thick?

    7mm is one hell of a great round. I have one on my long range tactical and I love the performance. It's impressive and it hits like a run away truck. :cool:

    For the record, the pre' 64 model 70 is THE Rifleman's action. It's what Carlos used, in .30-06, in Vietnam to create all that havoc.