Winchester model 69, not 69a

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    I have an employee who has re-discovered a couple of firearms that belonged to him when he was a youngster, a Winchester 69 (not 69a) .22 bolt action and an old Winchester single shot 12 ga.. When he was a kid he had a stepfather who would exercise his rights to abuse alcohol and, as is all too common, would begin abuse on his newly acquires family. As a result this young man's mother disassembled all the firearms in the household and hid the respective parts in various places. Now years after and Our Mighty Maker calling stepdad to greener pastures this man has recovered said firearms. The old shotgun was missing the firing pin and fore-stock escutcheon which I have found for him and the only thing left to do with it is refinishing and reblue-ing and a new ejector spring. The .22 is missing bolt assembly, magazine catch/release assembly and a magazine. This young man is a self taught mechanic and is going to night college to learn welding. Which is what I hired him for - welder helper. He has a child of his from a previous marriage and has re-married a good gal with four young-uns of her own of which two are boys (see where I'm going with this?)
    Now I'm going to give you a couple of minutes to get your hankerchiefs properly dampened and see if I can get some help finding parts for this little .22 cutie.
    I have found a 69a bolt assembly and it fits said rifle but with it the safety feature is eliminated because what I've learned researching this little honey is the 69 has the safety in the bolt assembly. So here's what I need :
    model 69 bolt assembly
    safety "button" with necessary spring and magazine catch
    and the manual to show me how all this goes together
    I have found a magazine that fits the 69 and several other Winchester models and I'm pretty sure I can make it work with this gun so I'm not worried about that right now as it seems to me a proper bolt and magazine catch is more important right now.
    I have searched all the normal internet sites, i.e., numlichers, Bob's gun parts, ebay, etc.,etc. But I would like any other suggestions as to where to search.
    Bottom line: if any of you folks have the manual and/or parts I will pay premium or if you know where to find them I will pay finders fee(s).
    This young man is worth the effort and I would like to have these guns completed and ready to go before Christmas.
    Thank You All in Advance, John
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    That bolt would be expensive($200 to $400). Look for a complete rifle to cannibalize it would be cheaper and easier. Ebay would have the parts but you might have to watch it for a couple of weeks or more. The guns are worth much more in parts than complete.
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    Winchester mod. 69A bolt

    I am looking for a Winchester model 69A bolt if you still have yours and would like to sell it.