winchester model 67A advice needed

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    hello all, seeking some advice, i have an opportunity to purchase this rifle, was wondering what you would pay for it? owner says it has a little rust on the barrel and was wondering how hard thaty would be to fix, here's a pic of it. thanks all

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    Well, some folks are into the Winchester name- but it is still a single shot .22. I really cant see details of the wood or metal in your pics, but in average condition, around $150 would be a going price around here. Your milage may vary.

    You can't fix rust- you can remove it, stop it, etc, but it has done what it has done. If the rifle has rusted, and you have pitting, nothing will put that metal back (short of welding, and the weld metal will not blue the same as the rest of the gun) If it is rusty- meaning light surface rust, then light oil, clean coarse cloth, and a lot of rubbing will do a surprisng degree of good. Of course, any chemicals that remove rust also remove bluing, since it is a fom of controlled rusting.