Winchester Model 190 issues

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    Ok, I'm currently trying to fix a friend of mine's Winchester Model 190 .22Lr Semi-auto. (Yes I understand it is an "obsolete" gun and is VERY VERY VERY annoying to ressammble.

    That aside, The issue with the rifle is that when shooting, after every 2 or 3 shells it will fail to fire the round in the chamber. It will leave the mark of the firing pin but I guess it's not hitting it hard enough to ignite the primer. I know it's either the firing pin is worn down, the hammer is worn or the hammer spring is weaking but I'm not exactly sure.

    Also, take into account that this rifle is probbaly older than I am.

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    One of the main things to do would be to get some spray action cleaner. I have a 190, it was my first rifle, they tend to get very dirty inside.
    Then you want to check for a burr on the side of the chamber from being dry fired. If you find the burr, Brownells makes a tool for about $20.00 that will iron out the burr and get it shooting again.

    The FP could be worn, But I have not seen that in a lot of 190"s.

    Get some dry lube for the bolt assembly when putting it back togather, oil in the 190 really holds onto all the dirt.

    Good luck. They were a cheap rifle, but mine still shoots pretty good for a plinker.

    John K