Winchester Mod 70 vs Tikka T3

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    I've decided to buy a new hunting rifle this yr and Im considering the Winchester mod 70 or the Tikka T3. I would like to hear pros & cons with both. I have a Brownning A bolt right now and the reason I want to replace it is because the magazine is to short to reload the bullets to the proper length. I would like to know if either of the rifles I'm concidering is capable of being reloading the bullets to the lands. Thank for any advice you may have.
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    That would mostly depend on what caliber you choose. A 300 win mag was designed to fit in a 30-06 length action, so generally to seat them to the lands they don't always fit in the magazine.

    I own several model 70's, and a few tikka's. I like them both.

    The new model 70's I think are the superior rifle. I'm a big believer in the controlled round feed action. Positive control of the cartridge from the moment the bolt contacts the case head. They have the MOA trigger--which is amazing--and the hinged floor plate magazine, allowing 3-5 cartridges, depending on caliber. Cost? $700- $1100

    The tikka is also a fine rifle, nice triggers, a super smooth action, and mine are tack drivers. I don't love the receivers, not enough bedding area IMO. I don't care for detachable magazines, my .243 only holds 3 cartridges, and most everything is plastic. Cost? Around $500-$600 generally.

    I don't think you'll go wrong with either, but if you have the means, I'd suggest model 70.
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  3. locutus

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    The Tikka is a fine rifle, no doubt.

    But given a choice, I'd pick the Model 70 any day.:)
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    My advice is to always get the highest quality product you can, and in this case that would be the Winchester.