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  1. Silvertip 44

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    I have stopped picking up unknown range brass, but a few days ago I took several boxes of once fired 7.62mm Winchester White Box brass offered by a fellow shooter at the range.
    It is headstamped WCC. My question is: are the primer pockets crimped on this brass. If so I will need to ream them after cleaning.
    I would appreciate a response from someone who knows.
  2. Eric0424

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    Being white box I doubt it's crimped, if it is you will see the crimp around the primer pocket. There are a few tools you can use to remove the crimp, RCBS has a primer pocket swager that you use in your press, Lyman, Hornady and RCBS have primer pocket reamers. I've used the Swager and Hornady reamers on some 9mm LE/military brass I bought a while back.

    If you can post a picture of the cases it would help. The one below was borrowed from another site, but shows the crimp on some 223 brass. If your brass doesn't have the ring just outside the primer pocket it not crimped.


  3. paulo57509

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    All of the Winchester White Boxed WCC head stamped 7.62 ammo I have ever seen is crimped (if they're once-fired). This goes back to ammo stamped "77" (1977) to "09" (2009).

    You'll have to remove the crimp before re-priming the cases.
  4. robocop10mm

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    The crimp can be cut out with a chamfering tool or swaged. I use the RCBS swaging tool. I prefer not to remove metal and potentially remove needed strength.