Winchester Announces M-22 Rimfire Round for Modern Sporting Rifles

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    From The Shooting Wire
    March 2, 2011

    Winchester Announces M-22 Rimfire Round for Modern Sporting Rifles

    Winchester® Ammunition continues to invest in its rimfire product line with the development of a new 22 LR round for use in Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR).

    New for 2011, this bullet is designed and packaged specifically for use in the growing number of high-capacity MSR 22 LRs. The new M-22 features a 40-grain Plated Lead Round Nose bullet optimized for reliable feeding in high capacity magazines. In addition, the M-22 utilizes non-corrosive priming and clean burning powder that delivers an ultrafast 1255 fps velocity and exceptional accuracy.

    "The M-22 is designed for the high capacity MSR and provides a smooth functioning, affordable option with great accuracy," said Brett Flaugher, vice president of sales and marketing for Winchester Ammunition. "We made the M-22 available exclusively in a 1000-round bulk value pack to meet the demands of our customers at an attractive price point."

    The new M-22 LF Bullet features:
    • Velocity: 1255 fps
    • Grains: 40
    • Bullet Type: Plated Lead Round Nose
    • Cartridge: 22 LR
    • Availability: 2011

    Ammo for your AR-22! cane

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  2. ta1588

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    Looks pretty cool, any big difference between this stuff and CCI Mini-Mags? Do they have similar muzzle energy? I like the 1,000 round box idea though.

  3. russ

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    Cool. Do they have anything more specific than 2011 for an availability date?
  4. rifleman55

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    CCI has a new similar 22 Tactical ammo, 40 grn copper plated, 1200 FPS.
    Cabalas has it for $94.99 for 1500 rounds.
    I don't know how it compares to the Winchester, but it's a pretty good price.
    It's part # XM-21-7744

    It called Tactical 22LR
    I like the looks of the Winchester as it looks like the case is almost full of powder, so it should help with the accuracy as most 22 rifles have 12 o clock FP's, should give great ignition.
    If anyone gets either, I'd sure like to know how it shoots in the Savage MKII rifles.

    John K
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  5. Bigdog57

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    $31.66 per brick - it ain't cheap!! :eek:
  6. JTJ

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    CCI Minimags are running $33 a brick so it is comparable and it comes with a dry box. Have to add shipping and tax which pays for the dry box.
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  7. whtsmoke

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    gentlemen that isnt cheap at all, thats something like 3.20 a box of 50, me thinks i be looking at other avenues.
  8. pioneer461

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    Is there any reason to believe they would not work in your average .22? What's the big deal about "tactical?" However, if they shoot cleaner than most, I'd like to give them a try.
  9. JonM

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    try the cci blazer. bought a brick of it for 16$ supposed to be same as the mnimag cept its got a lead bullet instead of plated lead. i mixed a mag of blazer and minimag and i couldnt tell the diff tween em with my bersa thunder 22.
  10. JTJ

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    The last time I bought Blazers it was $7 a brick. I bought a lot but I am down to 2 1/2 bricks. I save it for the 10-22s. I am thinking of some bulk Federal Champions for the bolt and slide.