Winchester 94 loading problem

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by Grampy, Apr 29, 2008.

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    I have a Model 94 mfg. 1950. After I put the first round in the magazine the bullet will not seat far enough forward to allow a second round to enter the magazine. Any suggestions? The gun is new to me but looks to be in great shape. Thanks.
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    Sounds like either you have crud inside the magazine tube, keeping the follower from being pushed back, or there is an issue with the mag follower spring being kinked, damaged, or binding- OR there is a problem with the follwer itself. Disassemble, inspect (checking for any crimps or burrs inside the tube that will block the follower), clean, lube VERY lightly, try again. Ran into this on an older marlin 32-20 lever- follower had been damaged, and was cocking sideways inside the tube.
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  3. a_ponderer

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    Note that the first round in the magazine has no problem loading... ;)

    Does the second round actually get to the end of the magazine tube, but just doesn't get released into the loading gate?
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    Loading gate bevel

    Winchester 94s have had a few problems with the loading gate bevel being too sharp. This is on the inside of the gate and if its rough or ground at a wrong angle you will not get that second bullet in, period. You will notice on 94s that work correctly the last bullet in the tube moves forward just a bit when you depress the gate for the next round. You simply cannot depress the gate for the next round if this bevel angle is wrong ground wrong. A little smoothing and or reshaping the bevel will fix you right up.

    Good luck!