Winchester 296 Ball powder

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    Been loading 44 spagnum with this powder. Load data says never use reduced loads with 296 in this caliber otherwise you will end up with either a squib or excess pressures. A gunsmith told me that you can indeed load down 296. Who is right? I know a few guys who load 44mag with Unique or 2400.
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    W-296 is a powder that likes to fill 95-100% of the available case capacity (with the bullet seated). There used to be "work up" data published, but Winchester found some problems. I would follow the manufacturer's recommendations! Ask your gunsmith if he will replace your firearm and pay your medical expenses if his information is incorrect.

    I have it on good authority that W-296 and H-110 are the EXACT same thing. They are now made/marketed by the same outfit. This may be true. I'm still not going to use data for one powder, with another powder.