winchester 270 model 70 featherweight classic

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    yes i have a question about a rifle i just got like the title says it is a winchester 270 model 70 featherweight classic. the guy said it is a pre 64 but i do not believe it is but how would i know if it is. the bolt looks like it has a diamond plate design it is real wood and is in remarkable shape would also like to know kind of what it is worth.
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    Pre 64 Model 70's are considered to be the holy grail of rifles by some people. I really like them, but I like all model 70's no matter when they were made.

    I think the serial is how you tell the date, someone who knows more than I will chime in I'm sure.

    I've seen some pre 64's go for $2,500 But the cheapest I've seen one is $1,200. I'm sure there could be even more variation than that.

    Give us some pics, we love our gun porn.

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    The serial number is the easiest way to determine date of manufacture. If the number has a letter "G" in it then it is a post 64. The word classic leads me to believe it is a post 64 built similiar but not the same as the pre's. I have shot and used these guns for over 40 years so I do have some first hand knowledge.