Winchester 1903 .22 cal. Auto

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    Just bought from my neighbor a "Winchester 03 .22cal. Automatic" rifle. Odd rifle. These fire a 45 grain .22 rimfire round designed for this specific rifle. Ammo is almost non existent. Rifle came with 1 box (50) "Old Western Scrounger" ammo. Loads through deeply curved butt-plate. Research shows 1916 manufacture date. Anyone else own one? Do you have a source for this ammo? Neighbor says he fires regular .22 long rifle one at a time with no problems. I checked Old Western Scrounger and they do not show ammo anymore. The box they gave me says "Limited Edition Cartridge". This one is 40-50% because of some surface rust and some dings in the walnut. Cool little rifle with excellent balance. I love these old timers.

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