Winchester 1890 .22 Long Pump Action Rifle

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  1. lilman42437

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    I just bought a Wichester 1890 .22 Long Pump Action Rifle from a pawn shop for $175. I notice that it says on the barrel that it will shoot .22 Longs.

    My question is, will it shoot 22 shorts? I am able to load it, pump it and chamber it, and it even ejects it. I'm just afraid to shoot it. Do you think it is ok to shoot a lesser bullet through this gun if everything chanmber correctly?

    Thanks for reading

  2. darind

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    shorts and longs were supposed to not be interchangeable in the 1890

  3. rifleman55

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    If the rifle is in good condition, you got a great deal on it.

    I restored one for a guy and it was so beautiful when done, I didn't want to return it.

    I like to stay away from the shorts in any rifle as they can after a time, make a ring in the chamber. Your gun should only be shot with the LR bullets.

    It's a fine rifle, enjoy it.

    John K
  4. 30-30remchester

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    The answer is both yes and no. The model 1890 had different carriers for each chambering, 22 short, 22 long, 22 long rifle, 22 wrf. The 22 short can be singlely loaded one at a time directly into the chamber and fire. It wont cycle throught he magazine though. Accuracy SHOULD be fine as the shorts and longs use the same bullet and is different rifleing for 22 long rifle which uses a heavier bullet than the 22 long even though they use the same length of cases.