Winchester 1400 problems

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Minionsram, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Minionsram

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    :mad:Ok Ill try this again, had typed out all this then lost it before I could hit the submit.

    Winchester 1400 serial # 136xxx. Will not feed shells and hangs up. Will extract shells fine. I know the winchester 1400's are problematic with this but can not find any information to fix this. I have checked the following:
    magazine spring, checked ok
    lift gate, ok
    return spring, ok
    right and left slide supports looked ok
    no burrs on all the parts or abnormal wear.
    Cleaned the entire firearm, checked all parts for breakage
    made sure the gas ports were clear and in alignment.
    checked the firearm with the pre 400k prints to make sure of no missing parts.

    So any of you other fellers have any idea's on this. Well other than telling the person I am trying to fix this for to buy another shotgun:D
  2. Virginian

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    Not enough information to attempt a suggestion. Exactly what is it doing? Ejecting, feeding another round into the receiver and that's it? Not releasing a second round from the magazine? What?

  3. stalkingbear

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    When it "hangs up", is it releasing the next shell from the magazine tube? I've came across 1400s with weak shell lifter springs. Are you sure the lifter is raising like it should? We need more specific information about exactly what it's doing. It's like saying a gun is jamming.
  4. Minionsram

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    Sorry fellers I had that in the last post that did not go through.

    It will release the first shell out and chamber it fine. the second shell will get caught by the right slide support and will not release it for the lifter to raise it into the chamber. If you manually move the right slide release you then can pull the charging handle and load the shell just fine.
  5. ThreeSteps

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    It sounds like the magazine throat, the plastic piece in the receiver that the magazine tube screws or presses into. When it is broke or worn the next round can jam. Good luck on finding one unless it is a 16 gauge. All the parts suppliers are out of them and nobody is making replacements yet. Put it in the closet and get a 870.