Winchester 1200 Field into Home Defense Help/Options

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    I had an an old(70/80s) Winchester 1200 shotgun given to me, like this(this one's in way better shape).


    But it's in good working order.

    I'd like to make it into a tactical shotgun(like the pic below)


    for home defense and to replace the beat up wood on the current gun for looks.

    Problem is, it's a 16 gauge. Hard to find parts for it, it seems.

    As far as the stock and forearm, it's all the same, right? A tactical stock/forearm will fit any gauge... 12, 16 or 20... as long as it's for a 1200, correct? Or am I wrong? I've found tactical kits for the 1200 online. But they always say 12ga, I assume b/c it's the popular gauge. ???

    And I'd really like to find a tube extendeder to increase its shell capacity... where could I find one for a 16ga 1200? No luck anywhere at all.

    Also, the barrell... I'd like to shorten it to the shortest legal size. Can I just buy a shortened 16ga barrell? Where? Again, no luck online. I'd like to keep the original and not cut it. I want to preserve all the original parts so i can put it back to original.

    If I HAVE to cut it, is that possible? Will a gunsmith do it?

    Also, I know a 16ga is not ideal for home defense, but it was free and it's what I have. But it's simply too unwieldly in it's current form(mainly the long sport barrell) for home defense IMO. Something like the pic would be great. As well as being able to preserve the original parts.

    Thanks a lot!
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    #1 - 16 ga is not the best for HD use because of the limited offerings in ammo. You may be better off trading it for a 12 ga. 16's have a cult like following. If you find a 16 ga afficianado, they will want your gun. 1200's in 16ga are not very common and may be a bit collectable.

    #2 - Stocks and forends are the same regardless of gauge. That part is easy. Barrels are nearly impossible to find in 12 ga much less 16 gauge. Extended mag tubes are non existant in 16ga. I suppose you could have one custom made but that would negate the cost effectiveness of the project.

    #3 - You can cut the barrel to no shorter than 18". Doing so will remove any choke and give you a cylinder bore barrel. That is not a bad thing. Any decent gunsmith can do that for you. With a vent rib, you should adjust the length to correspond with the attachment points of the rib.

    Even 20 ga has better offerings for HD ammo than 12 ga. My advise, make a trade for a good condition 1200 or 120 (Ranger) model in 12ga and do your mods to that one.

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    I agree with robocop. I got a 20ga 1200 the other day and have a pistol grip for 12ga 1200 on it. The fitment is good. Forend is still backordered so dont know about that yet.
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