Win. model 90 .22 short.. take down

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    It seems as if all I'm doing is asking for info... hope ya'll don't mind.
    I have a Winchester model 1890 .22 short only... made in 1919 (per serial#) I haven't been able to read a mark at the breech end of barrel... looks greek to me... lol.
    This is a so-called gallery gun...right? I would think as old as it is.. if used that way, the barrel would be shot out, but it has well defined rifflings and no pitting. bluing isn't great and I believe the stock and forearm have been glossed up...
    I have an offer for it...$250. is that anywhere close to what's a fair price?

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    Looks to be about a $350 to $500 gun. Prices do vary some in different states. And you have good pictures but not as good as seeing the gun.