Win. 1897 12 ga.

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  1. blazinsun69

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    I have a Win. mod. 97 12 ga .. DOM 1941
    When you slide the pump action back too hard.. it catches in the rear position. Not every time... but often enough to be worrisome. What causes that?... Worn parts?
  2. fireguy

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    When you say it catches, does that mean it is like in a position of detent, where it is meant to stop there and stay? Does is take extra force to bring it back to closed bolt? Does it do this when cycling shells as well as cycling empty?
    Has the shotgun been used recently? Have you handled this shotgun before? Is this a shotgun you've had, or just acquired? Is it lubricated sufficiently?

    I have one that was born in '13 and don't have any issues with it. Yours may have been treated roughly or not maintained well. If it is well lubed my guess is that there are parts on the slide that are worn. It may even be in the receiver with the bolt getting hung up a little when pulled hard.