Wilson Combat 5.56 barrel

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    So I'm doing my first build and I've run into the whole "analysis paralysis" problem. But after months and months of analyzing I finally found the barrel that has all of the qualities in it that I was looking for. My problem is I know nothing of the quality of it's manufacturer and can't find ANYONE who can speak for that quality.

    So I come to you guys, here's the barrel.

    I've heard alot about Wilson's 1911 stuff and people seem to be pretty happy about it. But can't find anyone with their AR stuff.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    First of all I would shop around. There are many other good companies in the industry that have great barrels Rock River Arms being one of them. The barrels are made by Wilson Barrel Company on the east cost and are in no way affiliated with Wilson Combat. They also have a 16" Stainless Steel Barrel that is in 1:8 twist and a tac driver. 1/2 to 3/4 MOA. I do not know who makes Wilson Combat barrels for them at the present. Also if you are considering putting a standard front sight on the barrel you do not have the proper fixtures to hold the barrel while it is being drilled for the standard A Post Front Sight assembly. If you are putting a weaver style gas block or flip up front sight and gas block assembly on a barrel you are good to go. On the barrel pictured, if you should be going to use standard handguards do not forget the end cap since it acts as a spacer for proper Gas Block and Gas Port location. I think the RRA Barrel with A post and Bayonet Lug is around $245.00So without the assembly should be a little less. Please feel free to ask us for additional information. There are a lot of good barrel companies out there that have fine products. I am not that sold on Wilson Combat unfortunately.


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    Sir i own a Wilson combat ut 15. With all the bells and whistles. 16and quarter inch barrel. One in nine twists. Sixty nine grain match one half moa at one hundred yards.
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    Thanks Snipe,
    I also looked at the RRA's but I'm not 100% sold on the Wylde chambering? Are you personally familiar with it?
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    Wylde chambering is a good all around way to go if you shoot .223 and 5.56.

    I would go w/ Wilson Combat or White Oak. The 18" SPR WOA barrel I had was very nice.
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    Just fyi wilson combat is not the same company as the wilson barrel makers. Wilson combat might source theirs from wilson barrels. But its two totally different companies

    Bah i shoulda read sniper's reply in full before writing my two pennies...
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    Yeah I was aware that they are two different companies. Wilson Combat gets their blanks from Shaw then reems and cuts them in house.