Will this hurt the finish?

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  1. Dimitris76

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    Ok I need your expert help once again :)

    A couple of months ago I removed the scope to work on my rifle and placed it in the drawer where I keep my socks and boxers - yes you heard right - my socks.:eek:

    I though it will be nicely cushioned and protected in there but after mounting it on the gun I noticed a 10x6mm shinny area on top of the objective bell.
    This is not an extremely expensive scope - it's just a $300 Mueller 8-32x Side focus scope - with the typical satin black finish that most Asian scopes come with nowadays.

    It's obviously not blued and if I had to guess I would say it's some kind of paint -powder coat?

    I assumed the shiny patch was probably caused by rubbing on something hard like buttons on the garments, but on closer inspection it's not shaped as a scratch - it's rather uneven in shape and it includes some fingerprint looking marks.
    Then I remembered I have used superglue some days ago. Now I very pedantic with things like that and I usually take all the necessary measures to avoid stuff like that but it might have happened.

    So, superglue cleans with aceton. Will this hurt the scope's finish though?

    Thank you in advance,

    PS I have already tried Ballistol - no use...
  2. sniper762

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    acetone will not hurt (didnt for me anyways)...just clean and oil surface after using.

  3. Sniper03

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    As Sniper762 advised!
    Shouldn't be a problem just do not scrub it! Let the acetone do the work and keep wiping it off with a soft cotton cloth and then applying a new coat. *The important thing is as I stated let it do the work!

  4. W. C. Quantrill

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    Dont use acetone inside your house, go outside.
  5. Jpyle

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    Acetone should be fine, worse case you will get a dull spot if the finishing coat is removed but the powder coat should not be affected. Don't use the full strength stuff you get at Home Depot...get some nail polish remover, it's diluted and much milder.