Will subsonic ammo cycle efficiently through my ruger 10/22 takedown?

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by hq357, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. hq357

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    Hello everyone today i saw 22lr ammo at Walmart! so i snatched some up. i always thought subsonic just means it isn't high velocity and its supposed to be quite. I showed my stepdad and let him know about the 22lr at walmart and he said its crap and nobody buys it because he says it dosent have enough energy to cycle through the gun. sounds plausible but i disagree i think its fine. hes only owned a ruger 10/22 for 2 years and has only ran bulk ammo and cci through it. So ill ask somone more experienced on here, will subsonic ammo run in a ruger 10/22?
  2. hq357

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    Winchester super x subsonic with a truncated cone hollow tip will this run okay in my ruger?

  3. JonM

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    maybe, maybe not. depends on the individual gun. subsonic is very lightly loaded.
  4. FrontierTCB

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    ^^^^What he said. I've used CCI "quiet" sub sonic in my Marlin semi auto rifle and a Ruger 22/45. It will not cycle either one so I save it for revolvers.

    It will still fire the same you will just have to manually cycle the action after each shot. It can be quite annoying.
  5. John_Deer

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    I have always heard subsonic ammo will make any semi auto malfunction more often. It makes sense that a load with less recoil could cause cycling issues. This one you have to answer on your own. Just shoot the ammo. If your rifle works well enough to suit you feel blessed. Even bulk ammo is standard velocity ammo. If you feel strongly it will cause a malfunction I would just sell the ammo. It's not like selling a 22 ammo is a chore. No one can say for certain sub sonic ammo will function in your 10/22.
  6. winds-of-change

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    It does not cycle in my Mark II.
  7. BillM

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    CCI subsonic will cycle my 10-22 and 22-45 (CCI prod # 0056)
    Aquilla 39 gr subsonic will not reliably cycle either, but it is
    more accurate than the CCI in my Savage FV-SR
  8. fupuk

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    Never had a problem with my sons 10/22 cycling subsonic. My buddy has a suppressed .22 AR i believe its a colt and we shot subsonic rounds through that with no problem. Depends on the firearm..
  9. mrt8110

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    Speed of sound is about 1159 FPS. Remington and Winchester subsonics go 1050FPS and CCI SV go 1070 FPS. One of my Marlin 60's does not like the truncated cones of the Winchester subsonics. The Rugers and other Marlins semi's shot them all fine.
    Those are the cartridges I shoot,I tried the Quiet Round ,rifle shot did not eject.
    I have found going much slower, the accuracy diminishes!:) Cliff
  10. hardluk1

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    Subsonic really means under the speed of sound. Still goes bang and still can hurt your hearing.

    Standard velocity 1050 to 1080 fps ammo is a sub-sonic ammo and will cycle fine in most all semi-autos. Some can be picky when new but after a few hundred round are shot any standard velocity ammo should work well, but the sub-velocity may not. Trial and error.

    CCI Quiet for one will not cycle in most semi-auto rifles but my wifes 1973 10/22 with the old stock well used recoil spring back in I will cycle fine . Mine has a light Kidd spring for 60gr agulla ammo but will not cycle reliably with the cci quiet load. Your stepdad haslack of experienced but some ammo can be junk regardless of velocity. .