Will my gun shoot a slug?

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  1. Rockjeep94

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    I bought my son a Remington express 12 guage super mag, it has a modified choke, can you shoot slugs with this setup? Or does it need a different barrel? Or no choke in it?
  2. BULLET9992

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    I have a REM 870 tactical that's chambered for 2 3/4" or 3". It shoots rifled slugs very well. I would suggest removing the choke. It will either ruin the choke or make the slug inaccurate.

  3. HockaLouis

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    Of Course It Will

    You will have no problem firing a slug through your barrel. Some choke is usually suggested -- Improved or even Modified. However, Modified is usually considered the most constriction to choose. If the choke tube is removeable and you choose to change it make sure you screw SOMETHING back in place even if it is Open Cylinder choke -- you cannot have bare internal threads.
  4. c3shooter

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    What he said ^^^.

    There would be a MOUNTAIN of blown up shotguns out there if you could not fire a slug thru a choke.

    In GENERAL, there are two chokes that should not be shot with a slug- and best accuracy for a rifled slug GENERALLY comes from a modified.

    There is a choke known as Extra Full. Used by turkey hunters. Do not use slugs. Too tight.

    There were variable chokes used on a few guns in the 50's and 60's, such as the Mossberg C-Lect choke. This had individual steel "fingers" that were squeezed togther by a twist type collet (we used to call them Dial-a-Ducks) It is possible to break one of the steel fingers with a slug.

    For all that are wondering- use a pocket knife, and cut open a slug. Place the removed slug in the barrel. Will ordinarily fall all the way thru the barrel. They are made slightly undersized. The soft lead in the ridges (rifling) of the slug WILL squeeze down a lot if the choke is a bit tight.
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    Awesome I figured you could just wasn't sure. Thank you!
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  7. JTJ

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    Before the advent of screw in choke tubes, most people had a working do all gun with a modified choke. Rifled slugs are designed to go through the choke but it is not suggested to use them with more than a modified choke. The rifling is there to compress going through the choke and the choke will impart a bit of spin. It is the weight forward construction of the slug that keeps it flying straight.
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    Yes pretty much what everyone else has said you are just fine with a modified choke and most of the time I have had modified chokes shoot the best out of my guns....but DO NOT shoot it without a choke in it you will ruin the threads in your barrel...and anybody that tells you different is lying or don't know crap about shotguns
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    Rifled slugs are hollow. You can practically squeeze them down with your fingers. Sabots will also pass thru a full choke, but their accuracy out of a smoothbore is usually not too good.
    THE most accurate smoothbore shotgun with slugs I have ever seen was a fixed modified choked Wingmaster. Experiment with different brand slugs if accuracy is important because barrels usually like one brand more than another.
  10. HockaLouis

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    The only thing I have a different feeling about is the rifling on a rifled slug. It generally imparts little if any spin. They are constructed that way essentially to reduce unnecessary friction.
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    Snails too. But I use heavier shot on those armor plated slugs:)