will i be able to own a gun?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by shipma3, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. shipma3

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    when i was 13 i was commited to a mental ward in the hospital by my mom. will it be on my record preventing me owning a gun? i was only in there for a week i am now 21
  2. danf_fl

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    Welcome to the forum. We have an "Introductions" section.

    Now to your question. Doctors and Lawyers we are not. Legal advice seeked on an open forum like this may NOT be a good idea. You could be lead to an incorrect or illegal solution.

    I suggest that you contact an attorney or the state law enforcement agency.

  3. Firearms4ever

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    I agree with Dan. I've researched this before at the BATF's website and based on my understanding you cannot own a firearm if you were not admitted voluntarily. However take my limited knowledge on this matter with a grain of salt. I suggest you do what Dan suggested.
  4. winds-of-change

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    But since you were a minor, who knows? Please contact an attorney knowledgeable in gun laws.
  5. bikerlbf406

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    I could be wrong and I would suggest talking with a LEO or an attorney in your area to be sure. A lot of it though would depend upon two factors, the state you live in and whether or not you were ever found mentally unstable by a judge or court. In Illinois they only ask about the last 5 years on the FOID card application and I have read over the laws quite a bit and unless were found mentally incompetent by a judge or court or were found innocent by means of insanity for a crime or was found to be mentally unstable to stand trial for a crime, then you should be good as long as your time in the mental hospital has been over 5 years, and even then you could do like I'm doing now and trying to get your FOID card sooner by sending full details to state along with your application for the FOID.
  6. alsaqr

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    Do not talk about your problem with a LEO.
  7. texaswoodworker

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    If you can't but regular guns, I think you can still buy black powder rifles, shotguns, and pistols. The BATF does not concider black powder guns to be firearms so pretty much anybody can buy them.
  8. trip286

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    Since this is a very interesting question (to me anyway), let us know what you find out.

    I'm thinking that since you were a minor, you might be able to own a gun now, but that is why I'd like to hear what you find out- because I don't know for sure.
  9. texaswoodworker

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    Yes, please keep us in the loop. I'm interested in this too.:D
  10. chewchew

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    Read the gun application carefully and answer it truthfully.
    I think it ask you if you have ever been found mentally incompetent.
    When I got home from Nam, I was put in a ward for 3 days just for an evaluation, that could be what they done to you.
    Don't volunteer any information, just answer the questions truthfuly and they'll let you know if you can own a gun.
    I'm not a lawyer so do not consider this professional advice.
  11. neilage66

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    The highlighted means "officially by a court or judge"...your week was voluntary because your mom loves you and cares about your well being.

    you were a minor

    you were not court mandated

    you're an adult now

    this is America

    enjoy your freedoms while you can

    don't invite the man into your life
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  12. Millwright

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    Step One: Do Not contact any public or law enforcement agency in this regard !

    Step Two: By all means seek out and contact an attorney familiar with gun law in your state of current residence as to how a juvenile involuntary committment would be interpreted by today's gun purchase/ownership law.