will cylinder and/or crane drop in?

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    this is for a friend of mine, since i don't know i thought i would ask ya'll as he doesn't have internet. he seen how well my service six performed that he found a blue security six from 1984 at a local shop. when he got it yesterday i told him to do a complete take down and cleaning. he did but his 6 yr old slipped in and got his cylinder and crane assembly. now it's still ok but it doesn't look as good. the kid beat it against the cement porch and threw it as well. the crane isn't to bad but does have dings and scratches, the cylinder looks terrible and the ejector and rod aren't good at all. he found one on gun broker and wondered if he bought it will it drop in?, he doesn't want to involve a gunsmith he is wanting to bid on it soon, so thanks for any help asap.
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    Six years old? Has he considered adoption?:D

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    And that folks is why you don't baby proof a house.... You teach them early on not to touch things that aren't theirs from an early age!
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    Yep, you "drop in" to a good smith and have it fit. Seriously, are these new parts? I imagine you can look up an overview of what issues you may face but without the know how I wouldn't do it unless it was a have to case. I'm thinking you could face things like lead shaving at the forcing cone or the cylinder just binding up.
    On second thought, box the reassembled piece up, write an honest description of the damage and send it to Ruger, they may fix it cheaper than anyone else. I gripe about some of my Rugers but they go above and beyond sometimes for their customers.
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    I am now working on my grandkids on the same thing ( I am not around all of them as much as I was around my kids ), I never moved anything out of their reach ( no guns in the house at that time), as soon as they could reach I was able to say NO and enforce it if neccesary. My wife was with me on every item on this. It made life so much simpler to be able to start with a fast hard hold and relax as the lessons took than try to hold easy and clamp down as the stubborness showed.
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    this just happened the other day, but other's may have had it happened too. i thought i might get one for my ruger at one time but i'm just gonna enjoy shooting it. i have a 3yr old and i'm already teaching him to keep his hands off others stuff.
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    1. Nope- need fitting. Will be close, but no cigar.

    2. Take it to a gunsmith.

    3. Six year old should know better. Smack his azz.

    Anything else? :p
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    I have a 9 year old grand that came to spend a couple days last wk. They are around guns at home so I assumed they have been well taught as they go shooting and have a 22 of their own. They; he has an 11 yo brother. The first thing he does when he walks in the door is pick up a wooden AK 47 I made as part of a Halloween costume. I hear him say,
    "Wow is this real" as I am looking down the barrel. The tongue lashing was short, loud and concise!!! I then had to assure myself that I didn't have any more weapons available to arouse his curiosity. I think he got the message, I sure did. If I house proof my child it covers him where ever he goes. If I child proof the house its only effective at home.
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