Wild Weather #2

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    After the big hole, the big twister


    June 2, 2010 - 10:29AM

    After the extraordinary phenomenon of a massive sinkhole in Guatemala, nature has demonstrated another aspect of its awesome power, this time in the US.

    Huge tornadoes have swept through Colorado - bringing out storm chasers.

    The first tornado touched down near Pritchett on Monday and another touched down near Campo.

    The storms moved across Baca County for about three hours, producing hail the size of tennis balls that broke windows in homes and cars.

    Telephone poles in open areas were also knocked down.

    Storm chasers captured dramatic video of one of the funnel clouds near Springfield.

    The Storm Chase 2010 team encountered five tornadoes in four hours, according to examiner.com, after the Storm Prediction Centre had earlier forecast a "slight" risk day.

    The chaser van drove through a wall of hail in what the chasers call "a core punch", which resulted in huge chunks of ice denting the van and cracking the windscreen.

    A chaser who shot the video in Baca County was Andy Gabrielson, 23, who told 9News in the US: "It's almost like I stalk the tornado."

    Tornado In Colorado, USA | Video, Picture, Photo | Tornado Picture

    Whoa! Survive a tornado and being taken out by huge ice chunks? Impressive :eek: