Wife took out "raven"

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    My wife was pestering me Thursday, and most the day Friday about wanting to shoot her new rifle. I decided I shouldn't let her enthusiasm disappear. We Only shot for an hour but had fun. It was sunny but windy. Temp was dropping as it was getting late in the day. The new stag performed great! After a small error on my part( adjusted front post wrong way). After 6 to 8 rounds it was ready for us to dial it in for her. It's accurate. My wife just needs practice. I think the wind may have also been a factor for my wife as the later it got the worse she did. But it won't deter her. She already wants to prove she's better than me. We were shooting 62gr lake city at about 40 yards. Sent about 45 rounds downrange total. Also brought along our new sr22. It did good. No hiccups. Used cci mini mags. In my hands it was moderately accurate at 15 yards. Lets just say my wife needs a few more hours with it. Hehe. I'll Add photos later once i get to my computer. Right now I'm on my iPod feeding the little one.

    the last pic is what is left of a 6 in ceramic decorative plate, the target is my sighting in and one 26 round mag. and then my hott wife shooting ;)

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    Nice work jj. Glad the wife likes Raven. I seriously doubt there's a more fun day than going to the range and tossing lead down the hill, unless it's doing it with your significant other having as much fun as you are.