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    i had a 22 given to me when i was like 12 by an old part-time moonshiner, it had a mis-stamped emblem in the action on the left side that looked like it was supposed to be a bicycle, i don't remember a name brand on it, it it had one at all, it had a sheet-metal outer barrel and a barrel tube down the center like a red rider bb gun, a leather but plate, and a 4 round clip with a bolt action, anyone know anything about a gun like this?
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    Well, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a strange device called a "boy's rifle". Seems that folks actually sold firearms that were made to be used by a child. In some cases, they were sent thru the mail as a reward for the child selling stuff door to door- like Clover brand salve.

    Perhaps the most common were the Quackenbush, and the Hamilton. Some had a sheet metal or brass barrel, with a thin steel liner. There was even a version known as a "Bicycle rifle". Imagine, letting an infant ride a bicycle with a firearm- and no helmet!

    Foregoing WAS sarcasm for those that missed it

    Here is a link to some of the Hamilton rifles- nice photos. Also Google Quackenbush guns- you can find an image of the book just published, with nice photos on the cover. Wesson Arms also made a "bicycle rifle".

    Hamilton Rifles

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    that is pretty interesting, $2.00 rifle hmmm. wow.