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    Hey y'all,

    As the subject says, I'm new to Wisco and need some help.

    My wife & I moved to Madison from Texas back in Nov for work and are looking for some good fun ranges to shoot at, also some good gun shops in the area.

    Was in Dicks last week(I know..they are a huge chain but we were there for non gun items) and strolled past the gun counter. While casually acknowledging the AR selection behind the counter I simply asked what brand a certain one was, seeing it was over $400 more then the others on the rack...I was promptly asked to provide ID before he could help me, I was stunned...I just wanted to know a brand name(the rage was backwards & we couldn't see). I kindly asked again what brand & model it was, once again ID was requested. I chuckled and walked away!

    Someone please help me find a REAL gun shop in the area!!
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    It may not be a "real gun store", but Mills Fleet Farm never asks me to show id to look at guns. Must show id to buy guns of course, also show at checkout id to verify age to purchase ammo.

    Move as far as you can stand to commute away from Madison and you should be ok.

    Find a local sportsmans club, that is what I did to find a range.

    Google Madison, WI gun club.
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    madison is a communist city. pretty much a leftist national socialist hellhole.

    im about 90 miles east of madison over in racine county. the further you get from madison in any direction the better you are
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    About 40 miles west of libturd clown town here! Too bad I still have to work there! Madison has had a ban against the sale of handguns for almost 20 years. Gander Mountain by Deforest is claimed to be Wisconsin's largest gun store (it is huge). It also has an indoor range! PT Firearms is in Cross Plains, and Wilderness Fish and Game is on the river in Sauk City (good prices IMO). The Madison gun show is usually in early Spring at the Marriott in Middleton, I think I read they are having two this coming year about a month apart. Hope this helps!
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    Hi, if you haven't found it yet, Deerfield Pistol, about 15 minutes east of Madison has an indoor range and a gun shop. Closer to home, Hope Rod and Gun just outside McFarland has an outdoor pistol range under construction, that should become operational soon hopefully.
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    WI Tactical in Waukesha, WI (small but plenty capable)
    Midwest Industries in Waukesha, WI (never been but I hear it is excellent)
    AK Trading Post in Oconomowoc, WI (pretty much my favorite in the area)
    Fletcher Arms in Waukesha, WI (these guys have a range but tend to be busy)

    Mc Miller is OK, I have no complaints about this outdoor range.
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    they sell guns - they are a 'real' gun store. I have found that Fleet Farm's folks know more than a lot of other places and for the most part they are all shooters as well. Best prices on ammo as well
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    I second Deerfield PAC. Long term Stoughton Conservation Club has indoor handgun range , outdoor rifle ranges, and trap ranges for a very good annual fee. Plus they are so not Madison.

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    Gun Club

    There is a excellent gun club in Stoughton called the Stoughton Conservation Club, which has an indoor and outdoor range. You can find them on the internet with all the info about joining. Cost $75 after initiation fee. Well worth the money. Best one in the area.

    No close gun stores, and Gander Mtn is a rip off deal.Madison gov't is loaded with commie liberals lead by the commie mayor.

    Move to a outside community.

    Hope this helps.
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    Agreed. Bought an AK there recently. Same model selling for $300 more at Gander Mountain.