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  1. NvRbanArms

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    Why am I soo much better with my glock 21 .45acp than any other 9mm out there. Is it easier to shoot a 45 than a 9 or am I just weird like that. I can put the target all the way to the wall with the glock and nail it everytime. But I can't group for **** with a 9mm anywhere past 10 feet or so. I can hit it but they are all over the place. Does anyone else have any problems like that?
  2. JD1969

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    Some people are just better with some guns/calibers. I'm the same way, I shoot my 1911 ten times better than my 9mm (or an of my buddies 9's). The 1911 just fits me, it feels like a natural part of my arm. I don't shoot Glocks very well either, they feel awkward in my hand. Maybe another member will have a better answer, but that's my guess.

  3. redfox

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    I am the same. I shoot my xdm 45 a lot more consistent than my Sr9c. Love the .45
  4. trip286

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    I don't know for fact, but I've always heard that .45 is just more inherently accurate than a 9mm. Sounds like codswollop to me personally, but I'm not a bsllistician.
  5. DustyDawg48

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    This may just be my opinion but it's based on me shooting a wide variety of pistols and the ones I have the most success with are the ones that are larger framed. The G21 is a wide body but I think with the overall shape and size of the frame it gives me more gun to hold on to and is by far and wide the softest shooting pistol in any of the major calibers I've ever used. I'm leaning more towards my M&P45 at the moment but I have going on 6,000 rounds in IDPA through my G21 and when I made the switch to her my times and scores took off. I can't hit anything with the 9mm Glocks as they are but if I fatten the grip up with a Hogue rubber sleeve the groups get better. Just my 2 cents but the wider/larger the pistol is the better I tend to shoot it.
  6. Jeepergeo

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    Lots of factors. Sounds like they all came together with you and the 45. Regarding the 9mm, it could be a bad fit, you could have bad habits with that gun, or it could be a bad gun. IMHO, it's usually the shooter, so consider taking some video of you and your 45, and then you and your 9 mm, and then compare. Also, shoot off a bag or support and see if that makes much difference.
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    I shoot many pistol calibers. I keep the handguns and revolvers I find point naturally. 1911's, Sigs, S&W revolvers. What ever works. On of my favorite autos is a 1911 Gov't in 10mm. I shoot better w/ it then my Wilson .45acp. Commander.