Why SureFire...?!

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by icallshotgun88, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. icallshotgun88

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    I don't mind spending good money on anything as long as I get good value..
    I've been looking at SureFire lights and they are SO much more than other lights...

    Over $300 for a light? They literally have a weapon light on their site listed for $595!!!!! (The M620V)

    What am I getting over the others..?

    For example, I'm comparing the SureFire M300 mini scout to the InForce WML and I can't see what's so much better about it...

    They have almost identical specs when it comes to lumens, battery life, weight, etc.

    So what's better?

    I'm guessing the SureFire is just built stronger to take more abuse?

    Because it's a metal housing?

    A stream light LTR-1 has the same specs with a metal housing and is 1/3 the price?

    I don't get it.
    What am I paying for?

    If I can be convinced it's a $300+ light then I'll gladly buy one..

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  2. artbrownsr

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    I'll post just to hear the comparisons as I would like to make an informed decision also.

  3. c3shooter

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  4. JonM

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    the pricier models combine the light with a laser designator and infra red function for nightvision goggles.

    if your going to put a light on a firearm for serious defensive use or police work surefire is it.

    the difference isnt just raw lumens. where i shoot there are a lot of mall ninja types that run cheap lights in the daytime. ive seen a few of them self destruct on recoil with the owner cursing. i find it amusing.

    surefire weapon lights arent going to self destruct from muzzle blast.

    all of them integrate remote switch capability and solid quick detach mounting systems.

    once you figure all that in the price tag isnt too bad.

    i keep a light handy at the bed but its for off hand use.
  5. icallshotgun88

    icallshotgun88 New Member

    i don't doubt there are some poorly built models out there, but I know from experience that models like the stream light TLR-1 and the InForce WML are nearly identical in specs and can truly take a beating.
    I've seen both of those lights on weapons that have had thousands and thousands or rounds through them…

    and both the TLR-1 and the InForce WML are 1/3 the price of the SureFires…

    using that example, I don't see why the SureFire is 3x the price..

    the others have just as good of a mounting system, same battery life and similar lumens..


    im admitting that i don't know much when it comes to this topic,…

    someone school me on why these SureFires are so much better than these other models..
    idk, maybe they aren't…i wouldn't know

    but if they truly are 3x the $ AND 3x the VALUE then i will gladly buy one and be proud to be rocking the best lights on the market...
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  6. stag556

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    I have had great luck with Fenix brand of flashlights. There TK series is considered there heavy duty flashlights (TK=TANK). I have 11+ different lights from the Fenix line and have never had one go bad.

    My TK 22 has 500 plus rounds on my AR and never a glitch.

    Nice thing is they are a 1/3 or less of the price of Surefire. Like any other brand you will have some die hard Surefire supporters, but for the price and track record I have had with the Fenix brands I am not changing anytime soon.

    A really good source for flashlights is Candlepower Forums. I have unfortunately have become a flashlight nerd because of that forum, and keep buying different flashlights I dont need!!:D

    Good luck!
  7. John_Deer

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    I Ultrafire and Nebo lights on my guns. When you buy an off brand light it needs to have a sturdy one piece aluminum housing, a Cree bulb and a sturdy switch. If you buy lights on eBay look for experienced vendors. I have another light I have not mounted on a shotgun, it is just labeled Lex-516. All of the lights I have mentioned have been in use for 3 to 4 years.

    This is a rail mount light that would provide the owner with decent service. The lights are warranted and the Asian vendors have a US address so returns are not a pain. Priced at $15.99
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  8. John_Deer

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  9. therewolf

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    IME, most companies which price themselves
    way above competition either have an edge,
    or aren't in business long.

    Leupold, Nikon, Zeiss, Wenger, Victorinox,
    Milwaukee, FN,and Surefire; to name a few,
    are products designed with constant heavy
    use in mind.
    They have a well-proven quality product, for
    which you pay a premium. They save you time
    and money on the back end, which usually more
    than compensates for their initial high price-tag.

    You may never recoup that value, though, OP.

    Case in point:

    I recently comparison shopped Nikon cameras
    VS many cheaper brands. I paid one seventh as
    much for a camera which will never see the constant
    daily usage and exacting professional demands as the clearly
    better Nikon unit could provide. So why waste the
    money buying way too much camera?

    Surefires aren't for everybody . . .
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  10. okdonk

    okdonk New Member

    I'd buy SureFire M300 if i'm in the military or war zones as it will be abused.
    But since i'm not, i'm quite happy with my Inforce WML HSP.
    Also i don't like wire tangles around my rail.
    But i always read and hear good reviews about SureFire lights.
  11. Jay

    Jay New Member

    I've had an Olight Warrior for a couple of years now, and I really like it. It has a 1 inch dia body, which makes it weapon-mountable, and it's a 500 lumen light. Here's a link to the Light's specs. I paid $90 for it, and it's been worth every cent. 3light levels, that stay where you set 'em, plus strobe... tail switch, and like that. The only downside could be that it's made in China, but that fact doesn't keep it from being a quality light. It's been well used, and priven to be waterproof to 100 feet.

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  12. colmustard

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    I have a surefire and a pelican, both are very nice flashlights but what I do not like about them is that they take special batteries. Other than that they are the best and brightest flash lights I have had and they always work.
  13. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    I did the same thing when I started finding quality lights on eBay. After 3 or 4 lights I had bought enough. Plus I have a good supply of rechargeable batteries.