Why so few parts for AR10s ?

Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by purehavoc, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. purehavoc

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    Is it because there are so many different patterns out there and not all parts are compatible with everything ? Looking for a nice light handguard has been a challenge . I absolutely hate quad rails . Dont get me wrong they look nice but function wise for me are worthless because I dont hang a bunch of stuff on my rifles , The rails are usually sharp depending on the brand . Everything for the .308 is larger including the hand guards so its tough to find a smaller diameter hand guard that I like . Nobody seems to have the MI SS in 12" except MI them selves and they seem to want a premium for it . I guess if ya wanna play big ya gotta pay big :D
  2. Gatoragn

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    Because there are no mil specs for AR10. Every manufacturer sets its own specs, DPMS, Armalite, Rock River, their parts do not interchange.

    Pick your cool aid and drink it. :p

  3. purehavoc

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    I figured as much and I got a fair deal on mine . It had some trash parts on it that I removed upon getting it out of the case when I got home and have begun ordering what I want to get it all replaced or swapped out . Our weather has been nasty here the last couple days so I have not had the chance to get it out and sight in the irons and scope and since Im changing out the flash hider for a comp I need to wait or POI will be off anyway. Looks kind of funny with that stock on there with the 16" barrel but I like it and have it adjusted for me . Its very confusing when looking for stuff because even the upper receiver threads are different between them . Mine is the DPMS which Im finding more parts available for . Is there a good place that specializes in autoloader .308s that I am just over looking ?

  4. dwmiller

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    Brownell's and midway were the best parts houses when I was working on mine. Also a shop called jse surplus. They carry barrels and some handguards. I've bought from them three or four times, good service, fast shipping.
    Hope this helps you out.

  5. SSGN_Doc

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    Fulton Armory has some parts for he DPMS pattern .308s. I think GA Precision also has some parts for the DPMS pattern guns.

    Everything for the .308 rifles is more expensive than the AR15 parts.
  6. CamoToe1

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    You're lucky it's a DPMS. They seem to have the largest aftermarket among .308 ARs. I prefer the look of the MI rail but Troy also makes the TRX for the .308.
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    You can try LaRue tactical, magpul or even Tapco. I know Tapco does a lot of stocks in polymer. I don't know if they do any AR 308 specific as I haven't been there for awhile. Magpul has the Moe line for 5.56 might have 308 line by now as well. Now LaRue specializes in AR accuracy parts they may be able to help but it's been awhile since I browsed their 308 section
    Hope that helps you out
  8. austin92

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    I really don't care for "hand guards". I prefer the roughy look and feeling of quad rails and dont see the need for a bunch if crap on my guns. I
    Like all my guns n the most basic platform and in the caliber they were originally designed for. A railed 9mm 1911? Please.... Lol. Just something about the rough and tough look and feel
  9. Mongo

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    I'm looking forward to the UDMC PVAR, a 308 . United Defence Manufacturing Corp - pneumatic valve and rod system. If I can afford one.
  10. toddchaney

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    It is because AR-10 is only made by Armalite and its parts are interchangeable.