Why rimfire scopes?

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  1. bessemerbob

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    Like many of us Im finding the old 22 being the only economical thing to shoot anymore so I need a new scope. my friend and I like shooting 150-200yrds so I wanted a highpower scope but he told me you can only put a rimfire scope on a 22 is this true??
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    You can put about any 1 inch scope on a rimfire. The better the optics, the better you see. You get what you pay for.

  3. M14sRock

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    Rimfire scopes typically have the paralax set for 75 yards. Most centerfire (hunting type) scopes set it at 150 yards.

    You can use any scope on a rimfire, but may notice some image "wobble" close in. A scope with an adjustable objective or focus knob may be focused closer than 150.
  4. Txhillbilly

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    Mueller makes some nice scopes that have adj objective lenses and alot of guys at rimfire central really like them. Look at the Mueller APV,it's a nice scope for rimfires,and at a good price.
    I have one of their Eraticator scopes on my 300 WM and really like it.
  5. Weathermaker

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    I registered on this forum just to be able to respond to your OP.

    I used to shoot mostly highpower competition...but, like you, the cost started getting a little much.

    I could go into a long post with a lot of history. But, let me summarize with this:

    I have a Remington 504-T that I bought last October. I use it to shoot local matches 100 & 200 yards. I've tried several scopes on it and, with the exception of my Nightforce that I use on my .308 Highpower rifle, none have had the "comeup's" for 200 yard.

    I finally decided to put the money up and bought a Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x40 TR/T scope. I just took it to the range today and it works beautifully. I expect it will enable me to shoot X's & 10's at 200 yards with no problem.

    Bottom line: 504-T cost me $650.00 last October. TR/T cost me $650.00 this week. I'm on Social Security...but, worth every penny I spent.

    I'm enjoying life.

    Good luck with your shooting.

    P.S. The Leupold LR/T has a 30mm tube. And, has 100 MOA adjustment...which you probably will need if you're going to shoot past 100 yards. It also has the best Parallax adjustment I've seen in any scope.
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  6. bessemerbob

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    Well guys thanks for the pointers. Glad to know Im not stuck with the low power rimfire scopes. Now the only issue is finding 22ammo. Walmart has been out for a while
  7. cpttango30

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    I have a weaver KT-15 15x40mm on my one remington 513t. Shoots 1" at 100 yards.
  8. .22hustler

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    I have a Bushnell 3X9 on my Winchester 290, and a Bushnell 3X9 on my Winchester 490. Both are great little guns...
  9. stalkingbear

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    It's best to get adjustable objective or side focus scope if intended for .22LR. As the previous poster stated, most scopes designed for centerfire rifles have the parallax factory adjusted for 100-150 yards, whereas scopes intended for .22 rimfire are factory adjusted for parallax at 50 yards. The way to get around that is to buy a scope with adjustable objective.
  10. easterner123

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    well, on my little marlin, I use a scope that I got with a winchester pellet rifle. It's a beauty and turns the rifle into a real tack driver at 100 yards. A lot of cheaper air rifle scopes will work for anything inside 100 yards if you're trying to save some money.
  11. Gene Langston

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    I've got a Pride Fowler scope on my 10-22. It's a "rimfire" scope that has what they call a "Rapid Reticle." It's got stadia lines below the crosshair, marked for a HV 22 ammo...a 50 yard zero, then 75, 100, etc. So long as you shoot a regular HV round, you should hit the target.

    It's an excellent scope optically. A little busy on the reticle, but that's OK. It focuses at close range on low power.
  12. phrogmech

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    Put scope on rifle, getting old had problem seeing iron sights.
  13. Bigdog57

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    Collecting the rimfires over the years, I have a wide range of scopes - from cheapo Simmons and a couple old Trashcos, up to some nice Bushnells. Can't see the need to go whole hog with a Leupold. I don't shoot well enough to justify the cost.
    But, on the .22 rifles I use out to 100 yards, I favor the Bushnell 4-12X40AO - the AO lets me dial down to 25 or 50 yards if I want. The only downside is the over-sized eye-piece that requires a taller set of rings to clear the bolt handle.
    I also really like good aperture sights - my BSA Mk.II International has a multi-aperture Parker-Hale Mk. VII peep sight and front Al Freeland globe sight that will shoot an honest one inch group on the 100 yard line. I scoped it once, but couldn't shoot any tighter! And I have 50-yard 52-year old eyeballs. :D
    The Brits build some darned good shooting irons!
  14. austin870

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    A little depends on if you want to just shoot targets at 150 to 200yds or actually see your grouping etc. Many scopes will get you a bead on target but you will need a spotting scope to actually see your grouping or individual hits unless you go maybe 20X or greater.

    I will tell you that 200yds will need some serious scope power to see your hits.

    The scope is going to be the least of your worries target shooting at 200yds with a rimfire, especially if it is 22lr. The wind at those distances will cause great challenges. Make sure the equipment can meet your expectations because using average rifles and ammo groups open up "just a tad" at 200yds.

    I would highly recommend staying at 50 and 100 yards, that is what the cartridge is designed for. Scopes for those distances are affordable and easy to come by.
  15. Carne Frio

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    30mm rings for 22 rifles are out there.:D
  16. Rimfire McNutjob

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    You can put any scope you want on a rimfire. If you want to shoot at 25 to 50 yards and that is the only distance your going to shoot at then go for a good rimfire 1" tube scope. If you are going to shoot from 50 to 100+ yards then go with a good quality rifle scope. I have centerfire scopes on most of my rimfires. If you want get one with a Adjustable Objective and that will get you down to 15 feet on some models.
  17. stalkingbear

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    Yes, it's possible to mount just about any scope on rimfire rifles BUT with centerfire scopes, we have excessive parallax. Just about all centerfire scopes without adjustable objective have excessive parallax at "normal" rimfire ranges. This is because they are adjusted at the factory to be parallax free at 100 yards (Leupold being 150 yards). With a scope that has adjustable objective, this isn't a problem, as when you adjust the focus, you're also effectively adjusting the parallax. With a 3x-9x scope for example, when turned up to 9x the parallax is very visible at 25 yards.

    This is easy to check for. When you can look through a rifle scope mounted on a totally still rifle (rested), and move your eye around, the reticle will appear to move around on the target. That means you have parallax incorrectly set for that distance. That means you COULD miss the target (center) by the same amount the reticle appears to move on the target. This is why I really don't recommend using centerfire scopes without adjustable objective on .22s.

    Usually scopes over 10x will have adjustable parallax or side focus (newer models). That fits right in on .22s by having the quality of a conventional centerfire scope, with the close range capability of .22 scopes. For example a 4x-12x centerfire scope will be just as good on a .22 as a special .22 scope. There are special rimfire scopes of good quality such as the Leupold EFR series or the Burris rimfire that work great but are fairly expensive-sometimes more so than the rifle. Most people don't want to spend 200-300$ for a .22 scope. That's why I say if you're going to use a centerfire scope, and don't want to send it back to the factory for parallax adjustment, go with something that has adjustable objective.
  18. judgepw

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    .22 scopes/ factory mounts

    Some guns are pre-drilled for scope mounts and they are all for a .22 scope. Some have grooves. I have a Browning lever action on the design of a Winchester 30-30. I put a Weaver .22 scope on it in the predrilled mounting holes. Looks and performs great out to about 75 yards. A friend liked mine and bought one and put a scope on it with a 1 inch tube. It looks and feels awkward. Too large for the little gun. Just my .02 cents.
  19. Pat-inCO

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    Ask him what he has been smoking, or if that last quart of vodka lasted more than an hour.

    You can put any scope on the rifle that you can get rings to fit. I have scopes that range from a BSA Sweet-22 to a Bushnell I got twenty years ago. Use what you want.

    P.S. Don't try to rely on a .22lr at 150 to 200 yards. They are seriously out of steam by about 100 yards.