Why revolvers?

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    I don't own any guns, and have only shot 2 semis ever, and no revolvers, so please don't bite my head off, I understand a lot of the appeal of revolvers, the simplicity, the history and maybe the feel, but practically I can't really see the point. They are wider and often heavier than semis, with less capacity (which I imagine isn't good for ccw) and are just overall bulkier, or else they look too uncomfortably small, but this is just observations, and from an inexperienced source, so could you please shine some light on it? Or is it just the machismo of them? (which I would umderstand too :p I think theyre generally cooler :p)
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    Semi auto's can be made out of cheap materials,be dropped on the cement and abused and they still fire fine,(not so with DA revolvers)that's a plus,but, a good quality revolver will never,ever jam and can fire much more powerful rounds.To each his own,but I think out of all handguns the coolest handguns are double action revolvers.

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    I think it all depends on what you want to do with your gun. Are you planning to conceal carry? In my opinion, if 6 shots from a revolver isn't enough to stop an attacker, you need more time at the range practicing. ;) Actually, I think it's a matter of preference of several things. Size of gun, caliber preference, carry preference, etc. Personally, I love my revolver. The semi-auto I have is strictly a range gun. It's all 'dressed up' for some target or hunting accuracy. If I ever were to carry, I, personally, would look into the LCR or the LCP for me.
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    Yea I was just wondering overall for practicality really, so I guess I meant ccw, and I see your point with the 6 shots on one person but then the questionof how many attackers there are has to be asked, and however unlikely I woul think I' rather be prepared. Are revolvers easy to conceal? (well like relative to semis, I'm sure you could conceal anything if you really wanted...:p)
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    revolvers can and do jam. get something stuck in the cylinder, a bullet pooching out a bit far or a primer not fully seated and that cylinder aint turnin.

    no firearm is 100% it just depends on which pool of failure possibilities your willing to dip your toes in.

    im a semi-auto person i have owned revolvers of various calibers and styles still own a python. the revolver is a time proven weapon and has been used in every major conflict up through vietnam.
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    I would much prefer to be pistol whipped with my XD45 (polymer frame pistol) than my GP100 (steel revolver). I also MUCH prefer my revolver for fun target practice (as opposed to self-defense practice).
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    For self defense, I think a good, well built revolver will be tough to beat.

    For self defense, one large mistake is using handloads, or cheap Ammo. In this instance, I think the best bet will always be good quality factory loaded Ammo.

    That the instance of catching a bad round will be quite slim.

    With a Revolver, and that million to one chance that a person might catch a dead primer, no prob, just keep squeezing, a live one is comin around! lol Not so with a Semi Auto.

    Good Semi-Autos are usually quite dependable, but I've shot some good ones, that had a propensity to jam, and hang empties in the ejection port. Not something I'd fancy happening in a life-death situation. With Semi-Autos, it usually is wise to try a variety of different brands-loads, and then stick with the ones that work best per given gun.

    Downside with the Revolver, generally a lower capacity. If capacity is an important feature to you, then I reckon it's a no brainer.

    I'm not so sure about the reliability factor of Revolver versus Semi Auto when thrown on the ground-abused . Guns like the Ruger GP-100, and others like the Colt King Cobra, Anaconda, Python are rock solid guns. Mark
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    “It has never been clear to me why increased magazine capacity in a defensive pistol is particularly choice. The bigger the magazine the bigger the gun, and the bigger the gun the harder it is to get hold of for people with small hands. And what, pray, does one need all those rounds for? How many lethal antagonists do you think you are going to be able to handle? Once when Bruce Nelson was asked by a suspect if the thirteen-round magazine in the P35 was not a big advantage, Bruce's answer was, "Well, yes, if you plan to miss a lot." The highest score I know of at this time achieved by one man against a group of armed adversaries was recorded in (of all places) the Ivory Coast! There, some years ago, a graduate student of mine laid out five goblins, with four dead and one totaled for the hospital. Of course there is the episode of Alvin York and his eight, but there is some dispute about that tale. (If you read it over very carefully you will see what I mean.) Be that as it may, I see no real need for a double column magazine. - Col. Jeff Cooper
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    Altho its been well covered ...when it comes down to FTF or jams...you are 1000 times more likely to have issues with a semi as opposed to revolver. EVERY semi can and WILL jam wether it be feed failure or eject failure (stove pipe)

    i will sum it up in simple terms...

    revolvers are idiot proof.
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    Haha thanks guys I just was wondering what otgers were thinking thanks, and O guess then unless you're going house to house in a warzone with only a pistol (or even with like a bolt-action or something extra but useless) you don't really need extra capacity, I guess you don't think of these things when you don't deal with the weapons first hand :p
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    Revolvers have more class.

    A good revolver - particularly a pinned barrel S&W - is simply elegant.

    A revolver handles quicker than any double action semi-automatic pistol, and is far, far faster on multiple targets. A revolver teaches the shooter how to squeeze the trigger and get hits.

    I own several semi-automatic pistols for social work. All of them are Colt Government Models or Commanders except for a S&W M39 and a H&K USPc40. I have no qualm about being armed with either semi-automatic or double action revolver; however I find a proper revolver much more usable.

    Just for the record, I started out as a Government Model aficionado leaving revolvers for hunting or 'fun'. I have changed over the years - I'm in my early 60s now - and prefer the revolver for serious purposes.
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    Years ago, I had the "pleasure" of shooting a brand new fresh out of the box Colt .45ACP Series 80 Pistol. A beautiful looking gun, bought a fresh box of Winchester factory loads, and headed for the 75ft indoor range at this particular gunshop.

    I had plans of actually buying a Colt .45 Gold Cup Match that day, had the money in hand in fact. At the time, that gun (Gold Cup Match) I think would've set me back about $850-$875.

    The gun hung an empty every 2nd, or 3rd shot in the ejection port, and I'm saying to myself "WTF kind of crap is this"? Started making the excuse to myself that maybe cause it was never fired before, needed a bit of break in to settle down?

    So anyway, I was dropping the magazine, freeing the empty case, adding a couple rounds each time to the Mag, then re-inserting Mag, racking the slide, and having a go at it again.

    Over and over the gun was doing this, and again and again, following the same procedure of dropping the Mag, freeing the jam, etc.

    On the third attempt, I'm putting the Magazine back in the Pistol, and lightly tapping it home with the palm of my hand, when the magazine fell apart into a number of pieces.

    There went all the bullets, the spring, the Magazine Feed Ramp, the entire shebang all over the counter, and over the counter into "no man's land"..

    Some more expletitives uttered, shook my head in a whismical disbelief, and took the gun back up the front counter of the store.

    The owner of the shop looked at me like I threw his brand new gun against the wall, and asked what the heck happened? I told him, and when he asked where the rest of the Mag's parts were, I told him "Over the counter, and I hope you didn't expect me to climb over that counter at a 10 stall Range, with 6-7 other people shooting, did you?"

    Upon closer inspection of the magazine, the two utterly tiny spot welds holding the bottom Strap to the Magazine failed.

    He said "I've been shooting Colt Autos for 40 years and never seen this happen!"

    And I retorted, "Yeah, and it only needs to happen once, when I desperately need that gun to defend my life!"

    That was the day I bought this!

    It's the upper gun in this pic, the Colt King Cobra .357 in Stainless Steel, 4" Barrel. Never once has this gun failed to go "bang" when I squeezed the trigger. It was at the time less than 1/2 the price of the Colt Gold Cup Match, and I think it was a wise purchase. This pic was taken only about a month ago.

    As for the lower gun in this pic, my PPK/S Walther (Interarms), I wish I would've bought the Ruger SP-101 instead. Mark
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    It comes down to a personal preference to me. I just prefer to carry a revolver. I also find them easier to conceal, as I have difficulty hiding the big square grip of my semi-autos, and revolvers are overall, thinner to me except at the cylinder.
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    I like the simplicity of maintenance and operation of a revolver. It just can't be beat. Reliability? They are all (revolvers and semis) prone to break down at some point or another. I know my gun inside and out (a revolver), and I know that if I had the parts on hand (I don't, but MidwayUSA and Brownell's are just a phone call away) I could fix anything that goes wrong with it. No I'm not a gunsmith, but the gun is that simple. Can't speak for semi's, don't own one, but I'm hoping that will soon change with a first 1911 pretty soon.

    I'm also not a mechanic, but my truck has over 350k miles, wife's car has over 240k. They both have broken down many times in the past couple years, and while I'm not a mechanic, necessity means I'm learning how to fix em.
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    Because mine shoots over 20 calibers.... :cool:
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    That's not particularly a virtue of the revolver. Though, at the same time, that heavy trigger pull also means most people who try to shoot a revolver won't be able to hit jack :p , because they require much more practice to master than a SA or semi-SA trigger.

    I started off an auto guy, and got turned on to revolvers due to their accuracy and power relative to autos. But, after really learning about all their intricacies (I could disassemble and re-assemble my Raging Bull blindfolded), as well as having a few problems (most of which I fixed myself). I realized a revolver is much more likely to break than an auto, and than when they do malfunction they are rarely fixable on the fly. Revolvers require much more precise fitment of parts to work correctly, and what would be relatively light material wear on an auto would require repairs on a revolver. Granted, I did fire about 2500 live rounds and dry-fire it probably 8-10k more times in the few months I owned it before I had these problems, but an auto put through the same paces wouldn't have required nearly as much tinkering to keep working.

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    I hope so! :eek:

    I care not to be shot again, with either one! :eek:
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    The problem here is your talking about a junk *** taurus...buy a real wheel gun like a Smith or Ruger and you wont have ANY problems!
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    I just simply enjoy the look of my revolvers. Plus they are a blast to shoot and easy to clean! :D