why reload?

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  1. mrbirdguy

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    Why do you reload?
    I am gowing to start reloading starting with shotgun shells I. Am in the process of getting a mec 90000 grabber a used one thain on to 9mm
    I want to reload. To spend more time with what I like and I would be more proud of also have more controll over what I. Shoot
    And it would be better ammo for a little less thain the store price and I would enjoy it more thain the tv as I don't understand what's on tv anymore some of. Thhese relity shows just don't do anything for me
    Its. Is also like muzzle loader we pick the primer,powder or pellet,bullet to find the right combo for us so why not with our outhers too
    What make. You want to reload
  2. jpattersonnh

    jpattersonnh Active Member

    gowing= going
    Learn how to read and write, it may serve you well. Stay w/ factory ammo.

  3. mrbirdguy

    mrbirdguy New Member

    So let's not nit pick each outher
    Just beacause I. Can't. Spell good dosent mean I can't reload and shoot well. So please be kind. To me a lefty thanks
  4. spittinfire

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    I started reloading to save money in my pistol shooting, same for shotguns. It then turned into making my rifles more accurate. I then wanted to load my own hunting rounds, hunting with pistols soon followed as I got more interested in magnum handguns. Now the urge to reload is hard to fight....I save money on my range rounds but spend the money saved on my hunting and target loads. I am having a lot more fun though.
  5. jpattersonnh

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    To make shotgun cartridges cost effective, I'd need to shoot them more. Rifles, I started hand loading because I shoot metric calibers. There was/is no decent U.S. made ammo. I can hand load for 1/5th the price of premium ammo. Barnes are .76++ per Bullet, Sierra are .26++ per bullet. Add in primers and powder. $1.00 and .50 cents.
  6. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    I mostly reload to get ammo that I cannot buy easily (185 gr .357 Mag, for example) sometimes just because the weather sucks, and I can't fish, hunt, ot target shoot. Sometimes it is for the $$$, since .348 Winchester is now about $75/ 20 rounds. It is also nice to know I CAN make my own ammo if I hafta.
  7. joshfireart

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    thats what i said. it didnt help they dont care

    reloading is as great as you want it to be
  8. Gatekeeper

    Gatekeeper New Member

    I started loading rifle looking for accuracy. I found it.
    I also found i could load premium ammo for less money than standard factory loads cost.

    I loaded pistol a little but then quit for a long time. Too much hassle on a single stage press and factory FMJ's could be had for about the same price as it would cost me to load.

    Now that prices of 45acp have gotten so high and availability so low, I started loading pistol again.
    It cost me around $40/100 for WWB when I could find it at Wallyworld. Bought a progressive press and started rolling my own back in april. I'm loading 230gr Precision brand coated lead bullets at a cost of approx $15.50/100... a savings of almost $25 per hundred! I could cut that price almost in half again using cast lead but the smoke issue bothers me a bit.
    Since I started shooting competition I am going through 1000-1500 or more rounds of 45Acp per month. My progressive press paid for itself in just over a month and I never have to worry about having a shortage of available ammo again:cool:

    Handloading Cost Calculator
  9. cpttango30

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    Because I don't trust some lazy union idiot to my life and deer.
  10. Missileman

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    I reload almost everything--it saves money but more importantly I can reload for the exact type of load I'm looking for. Examples: I reload my .45 ACP with 200gr plated lead with a light load of 231--they make great range rounds and are a joy to shoot. I also load light 12ga loads for skeet--7/8 ounce lead--they are my main 12ga skeet load, and again very pleasant to shoot. I reload 28 gauge and .410 for skeet because the factory rounds are ridiculously high priced. Plus I enjoy it, and you can really learn a lot about rounds and performance by reloading.
  11. Squirrel_Slayer

    Squirrel_Slayer New Member

    Because factory loaded varmint ammo is rediulously high priced and I can make more accuate stuff than what I can be overcharged for on factory stuff.
  12. TheOldMan

    TheOldMan New Member

    Pretty much mirror what everyone else has said.. I can produce accurate ammunition for everything that I shoot for far less than it costs to buy commercial.
  13. tireless

    tireless New Member

    I reload because I enjoy spending the time doing it. Like you stated, it's a better way to spend time than watching TV.

    I am able to produce more accurate ammo due to tailoring the rounds to my gun and choosing bullets it likes and because of the consistency of the product I produce. Every cartridge is the same and that alone gives a huge advantage to the shooter.

    I've never loaded for shotguns but it seems it would be a good way to start. Read everything thing you can lay your hands on and buy some reloading manuals, they are invaluable.

    Best of luck to you, jw