why open carry????

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  1. freetobefree

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    I have had never had a good experience open carrying ... So even before I had my ccw I would carry concealed ... Outside waist band ... Hip holster ... Winter coat ... Inside waist band warmer climate ... My point being the less attention to your firearm the better ... If a person wants to get noticed there are several ways to do it other then brandishing your side arm ... Am I the only one that thinks this way???
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    I see you are new but this issue has been beat to death. The answer is to carry how you want.

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    it may have been beat to death.....but i simply can't imagine any reason for open carry by citizens other than making a political statement.

    1) concealed is a serious advantage. leaves criminals guessing who might have guns...in the end, maybe making everyone a bit safer.

    2) if your firearms is visible, how will know if someone has an intention to grab it until it is too late? also, bank robbers arrive at seen and spot open carry instantly, guess who dies or gets disarmed first? which leads to my last...

    3) concealed gives law abiding citizens the advantage of surprise in a life threatening situation. big advantage.

    i just can't see open carry to be as effective myself. so imo, it is just a way of showing off, nothing more. just my opinion on the matter.
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    Agreed.... Open carry is a big disadvantage and one hell of a conversation piece in a bad way most times as I see it ...
    Thx for your input ...
    And hiwall ... Didn't mean to wind you up
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    As hiwall said, beat to death. And I just love it when people say "oh they only want to make a political statement", when they obviously haven't gotten all sides.

    OP, move to a more gun friendly area if you have bad experiences with OC. Or continue to CC. That's the beauty of it, it's YOUR choice.

    For the record, as I tried to point out in the other thread bashing OC'ers, I'm neither pro or anti OC. I'm pro self defense and getting home to your family, and I'm anti jack ***.

    Many of the fears and assumptions associated with OC are exactly that - fears and assumptions. Now, if you see some douchebag turd burglin tool walking down the street with a video camera, an AR or AK strapped to his back, and 15 loaded mags on his belt, that's a different story. Those are the types looking to make a statement. Pretty much anyone with an open firearm and a video camera taking a casual stroll are the one's looking to make a statement. Not the single dad buying ice cream or grocery shopping with his kid.

    Some of us use the legal means available to protect ourselves. Until it's clarified what my state's constitutional amendment means, or until I get the money for a CC permit/training (because for some reason my Marine infantry and Military Police record means squat), I'll continue to open carry when and where I see fit. I do illegally conceal on occasion, but I damn sure don't make a habit of it, as that's a felony. You hear that OP? If you encourage people to CC without a permit, you're actually encouraging them to commit a felony.

    Mind your step. That's one big pile of sh!t.

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    We have several people that open carry in our neighborhood. They all belong to the neighborhood watch. Yup, we are making a statement! There are armed people roaming the area day and night. If you are a burglar there are easier targets. This area of the county has a low property crime rate compared to the rest of the county that has no organized watch. Virtually all property crimes in this area are committed by someone who actually lives in the house. Obviously we can't pick the company our neighbors choose to keep.
  7. freetobefree

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    I think my opinion has been misunderstood guys ... I'm not an oc basher we are all in this for the same reason ... I was simply stating that in my experience oc has gotten me in wanted attention ... So cc is what I prefer...

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Are we really goin here again? :eek:
  9. partdeux

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    The anti 2A crowd is still trying to prove their righter then the pro 2A crowd.
  10. hawkguy

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    and who is the anti 2a crowd in this thread, may i ask? :confused:
  11. Bob Wright

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    Let me inject a little tidbit that came up during the Tennessee carry permit bills. Most state representatives asked for "open carry" to prevent anti-gunners crying "Gun" if a pesom carrying accidentally exposed his sidearm, say, his jacket blew open in a gust of wind, or some such inadvertant happening.

    Open carry is not for urban carry, but rather for outdoors situations where covering vests or jackets are not warranted.

    That's my view on the subject.

    Bob Wright
  12. rjd3282

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    It's supposed to be a free country carry however it suits you.
  13. JimRau

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  14. dragunovsks

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    OC because you can and feel comfortable with it. I do all the time and have never had any trouble.
  15. freetobefree

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    I never thought of it that way but I can understand that point that oc is not for urban carry ... Makes sense