Why not dry firing 22lr?

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  1. 94browninghunt

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    My gf's brother was asking about not dry firing the 22lr? I've heard the same...i havent ever dry fired much exp the .308, 300, and 338's but why am i not supposed to dry fire 22's? is it just 22lr or what? Thanks :)
  2. Mason609

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    There are those that believe dry firing is just bad. Others that say it can/will cause damage to the firing pin/mechanism.

    If you want to practice, without actually shooting, get some snap caps. Otherwise, speak to an actual expert that knows the gun inside and out, and ask if dry fire is ok for it (best thing to do is contact the manufacturer, or see what it says about it in the owner's manual).

  3. EagleSix

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    For example, if you read the FAQ at Savage Arms, they will tell you it is OK to dry fire any of their centerfire rifles. And they state dry firing a 22 rimfire once, will not hurt it, but if you want to repeatedly dry fire, they recommend using snap caps to avoid firing fin damage.

    Contact the manufacturer.....they may be the expert you need.
  4. JTJ

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    Some 22's can be dry fired and some cant because it will damage the firing pin and chamber. Check with the mfg to find out if yours can be dry fired safely.
  5. ScottA

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    The firing pin of a centerfire cartridge will punch into emptiness when dry fired. It is centered in the opening of the chamber.

    The firing pin of a rimfire cartridge will punch into the lip of the chamber. Rimfire cartridges are struck on the back of the rim where it seats in the chamber. Therefore, there is hard metal that the firing pin is falling on, and not empty space.
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    Some firing pins are tapered and if they don't have anything to stop them, they will break from the taper hitting the hole. The more a gun is fired the more blowback on the firing pin,causing it to burn. The pins will get damaged in some guns if they are dry fired. I dry fired one and the tip of the pin came out the barrel. The picture is hard to see but one pin is broken from dry firing.

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    The problem is the firing pin crushes the soft brass case between the firing pin and the face of the chamber. When no soft brass case is there to stop the movement of the firing pin, the pin strikes the lip of the chamber. Done very often the firing pin will either break, and flatten out making it shorter than specs, or it will peen the chamber face. I have seen a few 22 revolvers that had been dry fired so often that a round could not be fitted into the chamber. I have also witnessed chamber faces dimpled thus making reliable ignition iffy. There are some manufacters who have designed their gun in such a way that they can be dry fired.
  8. Nathantc

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    OK real simple answer here,,, on my sig mosquito the firing pin will hit the barrel if dry fired, and it leave a noticeable mark where this has happened so not good

    but on my M&P 15-22 the bolt face is recessed where the rim of the case fits and the firing pins stops in side that recess so there is no harm here

    it depends on the rim fire weapon in question