Why New York is the way it is

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    :mad: I was watching Cavuto on Fox this afternoon and one of his guests was Ken Langer, I'm not positive of the the last name I was too busy screaming at my television.... He was co-founder of Home Depot. Anyhow he was talking about how he was going to host a Republicans for Cuomo rally. He was very clear how he, like King Andy are very concerned how so many people are leaving the state. Cavuto seemed to be having a hard time taking him serious but I sure was. How pathetic, if the Republican party ever wants to figure out why they are a second rate party here's your clue! You have jackass rich guys calling themselves Republicans aligning themselves with the dictators of our day. Dictators and fascists and they wonder "why is everyone who possibly can is leaving this freaking toilet of a once great state for a state where a man can be free and live as he sees fit. What a dumbass.

    WARFAB New Member

    Perhaps he should actually talk to Kim Jong Cuomo about this. Maybe they he'd realize that the dear leader doesn't share his concerns about people leaving the state. In fact, King Andy actually told lots of people he doesn't want them in the state anymore.

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    I would've expected Cuomo to be treated as toxic.
    "Republicans for Cuomo" will have plenty of available parking I suspect. (Hell. I'd bet that he's not especially loved by a fair number of upstate Dems.)
    On the off chance that any elected republicans show up, the names need to written down for future reference so they can be appropriately run out of office.
    Change the text on the sign and this is is what I suspect it will look like:

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    And this is why my location has moved about an hour west of where it was.

    My family and I felt it was time to move to a state that is not run by it's southern most sewer. I think that now would be a good time to start a petition to seperate NY into 2 different states. Give the City everything south of Orange an Rockland Counties, and the can keep Andy to boot. Let the Northern part of the state run it's self. Since it would be another state, we could raise the gas, electric, and water rates to recoup some of the money we have lost to them over the years.
  5. Donn

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    Don't know why you guys are surprised. Big business has always been a whore when it comes to politics. They'll hedge their bets every time. Just check their donations to the respective parties. It's public record.
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    There's lots of folks moving to NY.

    Now that there's gun control,

    all the criminals know they're safe there.

    So Cuomo's got nothing to worry about.

    He'll have plenty of people...
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    If it wasn't for big business we wouldn't have the standard of living that we have in this country. If trying to keep these politicians from destroying business makes them whores then so be it. If there are no businesses then there is no work. No work means you don't eat. Big businesses need small businesses to supply them. If big business goes down it all goes down.

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    I like businesses big and small. As long as they aren't helping to take away my rights. By supporting wannabe dictators like Cuomo they are helping to take away my rights. That makes me want to move out of state. My moving out of state doesn't help businesses in New York State, or New York State itself because they would lose my tax revenue.
  9. DrFootball

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    I'm sorry for folks who are true Americans in NY that have to deal with this. I left for good on 1/3/12...only been back 2X for Biz since then...

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    NY is a Liberal State due to NYC. The Democrats are Liberal, the Republicans are Liberal and today maybe even Conservatives who won't vote for Trump may be Liberal. I'm a registered Conservative. I think there are only six of us left.
  11. Sniper03

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    NYC is just like Chicago and others. I also feel sorry for the good people in NY State and Illinois! The scum ball corrupt politicians and the liberal idiots in those areas control the whole state by number of votes! I think last I knew there were about 8.5 million people in the Chicago Metro area. I could be wrong but as I think I last saw several years ago.
    I agree Northern NY State is absolutely beautiful as well as most of the people are common people. And same in the State of Illinois. That is exactly why I live in TN! A so called Republican supporting Cuomo is NOT A TRUE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN! He is an opportunist!

  12. microadventure

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    NY state should secede from NYC

    NYC is @$$hole deep, in more than one sense, with people who have never seen a star, think Central Park is a forest, never been to a place here you can't remember the last house you passed and can't see the next one. they think cows come from the butcher shop and they can not conceive of owning a house or car. they think NYC is a real place populated by real people.

    NYC is populated by people can't be told how disconnected from reality they are, and they think they are urban sophisticates and us banjo banging bumpkins from the back woods are clueless.

    you take a Noo Yawkuh out in the country, they think that the 99% of America that is not city is a weird place. they want to get away from the fresh air and clean water and back to their comprehensible and comfortable smog and grime and congestion and sirens.

    This post was brought to you by the letter R ( not to be pronounced "the letta AHH" )
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    Oh, crap. I forgot to address the topic, sorry.

    WHY? Practice...
  14. Malcap

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    Tenn. and N.C. are tempting relocation sites. I'm just a bit concerned about that old pending earthquake due from St. Louis through the Madras Fault. Two Hendersonvilles seem nice. One in Tenn. and one in N.C.
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    I moved from NY to GA because of all that nonsense. I was able to get the career I wanted and didn't have to wait 3 years. Democratic States have three large problems and I don't see why no one addresses it. 1. Taxes are high. Ex. CA, IL, and NY. -2. They seem to always have budgetary problems every year even with the high tax and seem to be on the cusp of "terrible financial distress" if the books aren't balanced and they raise taxes. As the democrats put it. And 3 they have high crime rates. No matter how many "new" laws you put in place, unless you enforce them they won't work. Stop negotiating serious crimes and maybe if they stick to the weapon in commission of the crime bills they would get somewhere.
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    Just look at "Sleaze Bag" Warren Buffett and "Comrade" Bill Gates whoring for Hitlery.