Why I love the country.

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    I live in the boonies in Upstate NY on a pretty busy state highway. About 3 hours ago (minutes before a cold Labatts was about to hit my lips), one of my neighbors knocked on my door to tell me I had 14 cows in my front yard! I went out to check it out and by god he was nearly right, one of them was a little Jersey bull.

    His son and wife guarded the road while me and he frantically started calling around to see who might own them. Its damn dangerous to have 10 ton of standing beef wandering next to a highway. After nobody seemed to be missing them, I finally called 911. Shortly after, one farmer and his hands stopped by and they didnt own them, they called another, then another. Finally the cops got there and and the second farmer that didnt think they were his realized they were and his boys and a small trailer showed up and we started the rodeo.

    The roping, pushing and chasing began, about 12 of us chased them around for an hour and got 4 in the trailer. A couple minutes later, another farmer showed up with his big trailer and we filled that with 7 more heifers and finally got the bull after 2 more hours. One of the older farmers showed up with his cane, he had gotten his hip replaced last week but he and his wife were as big a players as any of us in getting them. By this time it was dark and the trailers were both full so they took them back and dumped them while we kept the last 2 surrounded.

    Trailer came back, we got the last two in and the rodeo was over! By the time we were done, 10 different neighbors and 3 farms from 5 miles out responded to this very dangerous situation and all the cattle survived, no cars hit any and the owner of the cows is dropping off a big package of steaks tomorrow for all the trouble and damage they caused.

    The lawn will survive though its a bit bumpier than it was, the cowcrap will disappear and Im gonna be a bit tired in the morning but neighbors helping neighbors goes a long way to making for a great neighborhood. I guarantee that if I call any one of those farmers this winter because my vehicles are buried 6' in snow, they will all come running.

    The police officer mostly stayed in his car and tried to aim his spotlight most of the 3 hours, I would love to see that dashboard footage! Thats gotta be priceless.
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    Great story Webley.


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    Outstanding story Webley!

    It is truly actions like yours, "helping" a neighbor that makes America the only place I'll ever live.

    Some believe that if them wealthy ranchers would just pay " there fair share", then we could all have rustle trained LEO's! :rolleyes:

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    Thanks Canebrake (and Tack), I wanted to write about it while I was still in character so to speak. After I finish My Labatts, Im gonna go wash that character off cause it smells like cow S$!T! It was certainly not the evening I had imagined but It will make me chuckle for a solid month and add to my list of stories to tell the great grand children when I get too old to do anything but remember them!
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    Some of us have said it before but it bears repeating ... you will find wonderful country folks all over this great nation no matter what state they are in ;)

    I've been all over the US, and folks from upstate NY are not much different than folks anywhere else in rural areas. Usually the only difference is in the accents :)

    your night sounds about 100,000,000,000x raised to the 10th more entertaining than almost anything that can be found on tv. Congrats and glad to hear it all worked out

    ... of course, you could have taken one of them bulls and provided all of us with some nice t-bones ..... jerk! :p
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    Great story! I live in the country myself. 40 miles to the nearest wallyworld, but 68 acres to myself. Shoot in the back yard, hunt in my back yard. I love the country!
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    I would have lended you my Border Collie. It would have made the work so much easier. :D
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    ... of course, you could have taken one of them bulls and provided all of us with some nice t-bones .....

    More than once when that little Jersey Bull shot through the circle of humans it was mentioned that one more time and he was asking to become hamburger! No season on cows, just lock and load! That would have drawn some extra attention from the police officer!