Why I Love My Range

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by lonyaeger, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. lonyaeger

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    The range I go to is in rural Parker County, Texas. The dues are $70.00 a year. For that, you get a key to the gate, an ID tag, and access to the range 363 days a year from dawn to dusk. When you get to the gate, you unlock it, drive your vehicle through, sign the sign-in sheet that sits in an old mailbox, then lock the gate back up behind you. If you're the first one there that day, you raise the red flag on its pole so others will know that there's someone there shooting.

    It's nothing fancy. The target stands are sections of pine 2" x 2" that you stick into sections of PVC that have been sunk into the ground vertically, that is if the supports haven't been all shot up by some ninja. Most of the pipes are filled up with mud. The range is self-policing, and the upkeep is done by the membership through their quarterly "work days." It's kind of a dump....it's wonderful, and I love it.

    I try to get there on weekdays when I can. The ninjas come out on the weekend, even in little ole Poolville, Texas. Ninjas on the weekends.....and the shooters on the weekdays.

    By shooters, I mean the old boys who are retired (many retired military) who just love to meet the other old boys out there and talk about their loads, their rifles, and their favorite stories.

    So on the rare occasion that I don't have to work on a weekday, I know where I'll be....with these guys. They welcome me like I've never been a stranger, I listen to them, learn from them, split a sandwich with them, bum a Coke from them, have a dip with them....it's what life is all about.

    I'm going be moving soon to another part of Texas, far away from the Parker County Sportsman Club......God I'm going to miss weekdays at that place.

    I hope that you are blessed to have this kind of experience some day. I wouldn't trade it for a week at Thunder Ranch.
  2. orangello

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    Here's hoping you find a harmonious new range in your new neighborhood. Maybe one of the old guys can point you in the right direction.

    That is the one thing lacking at my usual shooting spot that i really feel deprived of, smart people to ask questions of or observe. OK, it would be nice if it was less muddiness-prone too.

  3. c3shooter

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    Yep- that's my kinda place. Our range is 365 days, 9AM to dusk- full auto Sat afternoons. Sign in down at the gunsmith's shop, and pick your range (4 plus trap). $100/ yr, kids & spouses $15. Friendly shooters who, if you stop to admire a gun are likely to ask you to try it. Targets go on the plywood backing (pick up a stapler at the shop) and if you don't reload, sweep the brass off line line.
  4. suprdave

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    Lon and C3, both of your ranges sound like heaven. I'm joining a club next month. I hope my experiences are similar. I know they host a lot of IDPA shoots...
  5. cpttango30

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    Dam that sounds nice. I get Ninjas all day everyday and most have badges :eek:. Our range is 100 yards first in raises the red flag and last out lowers the flag.

    We can only shoot paper targets nothing else. I have been bugging them to put in some steel on the pistol range but they will not do it. I am the range chairman and I am supposed to do upkeep but even though I can run D8 dozers, 345 track hoes 621 pans, and many other pieces of heavy equipment I am not qualified to run a effing riding lawn mower. We have to shut down the rifle range for deer season. I am not allowed to bring a guest no matter what unless I am going to pay to shoot my shotgun. Which I haven't done for over 3 years because they want to charge people to shoot at the club we pay to belong to. I am about 2 steps from leaving the club and joining the Quantico shooting club where I can shoot out to 1000 yards. To many people set out 50 targets and spend 5 hours shooting them with out stopping and if you want to stop and go check your target it is a big deal and they get all huffy like a 13 year old girl. You can't shoot to fast or one of the old farts may get upset and if that happens you will get kicked out. I almost did because I was shooting my 22 pistol to fast one day taking 5 seconds for each shot was too fast. I have tried to see if we could have an open sight in day for member of the club and community to help bring exposure to the club nope can't do that. If I can do anything it is run a weed wacker and that is it. Then is has to be done on the side berms and if I do that I will be laid up for a week with a torn up back.

    If I could afford it I would joining Fairfax rod and gun club as they have the nicest facilities around this area. But dues are $1000 a year and they have a $1000 processing fee to sign up.

    I have meet up with a few nice guys but for the most part they are there to shoot 500 rounds in 20 minutes and leave without speaking a word to anyone. oh well.....
  6. Shooter

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    Sounds like your own little slice of heaven right there.
  7. spittinfire

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    I wish I could find a range like that around here. The cheapest one is $350 a year with a $350 sign up fee and you have to work a butt load of work day each year. I don't mind helping to keep up with place but if I have to take vacation to keep up with the work days I think you need to slow them down a little.
  8. CA357

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    I hope you can find something similar Lon.
  9. zhuk

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    Hey I love your range too, lon. Hope ya don't think I'm being too uh, promiscuous by saying that lol

    Shooting more than 2x week & whenever you want is something I could only dream about :)
  10. lonyaeger

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    Thanks for saying that, zhuk. By the lack of interest in the thread, I'm thinking this was a topic that would only strike a chord with the more "mature" members, and that's okay, that's what I expected.

    Don't know how old you are...but you seem to "get it."
  11. Jo da Plumbr

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    We are all ninja all the time out here.
  12. lonyaeger

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    Except for you.
  13. zhuk

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    Well I'm old enough to start getting all curmudgeonly about the "youth of today" if that's any indicator, Lon. Just didn't think it would happen so soon after my 30s lol

    My range - The oldest (circa 1850s) and largest rifle range in Australia. While it still exists...as the Commonwealth Govt has been trying to close it since 1986 :(

  14. Jpyle

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    Here's where I am hoping to shoot soon. Giving up the 25yd indoor range for the great outdoors.

    Member access dawn to dusk 364 days a year, dues under $300 and no work days for members.

  15. ta1588

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    I am thoroughly jealous. I can't seem to find anything like that where I live...I would love to spend my time shooting at a place like that. Sounds like a very good experience to have had :) One day I may find it!
  16. Bigcountry02

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    We have a few clubs in the area of Albuquerque. I prefer the Shooting Range Park just west of Albuquerque. Open from 0900 to 1700 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM), closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. One of these days I will obtain the annual pass.

    Shooting Range Park offers the following facilities and challenging ranges in a scenic setting:

    -Rifle, pistol and muzzleloading
    -10, 25, 50, 100, and 200 yard targets
    -3 skeet ranges
    -2 trap ranges
    -Silhouette range (competition only)

    The Shooting Range Park does not accept credit cards.

    Daily Fees Standard Rate
    Target Range $6.00
    Skeet per Round $5.50
    Trap per Round $5.50
    Law Enforcement $6.00
    Private Instruction $5.00
    Reservations $35.00
    Annual Pass $100.00
  17. lonyaeger

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    I lived in ABQ, and I love your climate, your chile, your Sandia mountains. Just make sure the berms are built up because, man, that is some flat land, especially out west!
  18. pandamonium

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    I'm going to be joining this range also, hopefully in the not too distant future.
    It is only about half hour from home.
  19. Jpyle

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    Cool, maybe we can meet up at some point for a NJ mini meet-and-greet.
  20. DrumJunkie

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    Before I moved out where I am not I used to go to a range that was (supposed to be)run by the state park dept. No one really took much care of it but it was a great place to get spent brass. I wont need 9mm or 40 brass for the rest of my life I think. You had the occasional ninja but for the most part it was a pretty nice place to shoot. Ranges only went out to100 yards for their target hangers (very large logs cut to around 3' long then chalked). There where places to set others out to around 200. $5.00 a car load. I still get down there to shoot with a few friends now and then.

    Out where I am now I can shoot at home. I can set up out to around 250 yards and shoot off my covered porch if it's raining. Most my shooting is done out by the end of my yard where I can set up stuff form 15 yards to 100. A couple friends, my father in law and the wife's grand father shoot out here. Well, we shoot the bull as much as we shoot most the time. 3-4 hours on the "range" we might shoot half of it. The rest is drinking a Coke and telling stories about sometime we where hunting or the like. Our newest thing is gluing aspirins to a piece of cardboard and shooting 22 rifles at them at around 50 yards. WE have been trying peppermints out to 100 too. It's not real easy, good thing 22 bulk ammo is cheap!:eek:

    There isn't a "real" range or sportsman's club all that close to me. I'm looking around. I miss shooting the bull with the old guys at the range I used to go to a lot. I swear that is some of the best fun you will have. I love being able to step out the door and shoot but a place where more people get together would be really great. If you can find a good range that fits you it's the best. Sure you have to dodge the ninjas here and there but you can find some great people to talk and maybe learn a thing or two you might not even know you don't know. A good friend and I have been bouncing the idea of opening one of our own. Finding a good piece of property where you can shoot safe and at decent distances is not the easiest to find. But who knows. WE'll keep our eyes open;)