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Personally, while I know nothing is ever a guarantee--especially when it comes to courts and legislation, I am anxiously awaiting the next round of suits.

I will be gleeful when the other cities start folding.

This is a result of years of anger and frustration on my part (and I know I am not alone), seeing the daily abuses of our rights.

I am not a zealot, and I believe myself to be a reasonable person. However after suffering with reading about things such as noted above--1911's being classified as machine guns and other nonsense, its just so refreshing to me watching anti gunners frothing over this ruling.

HA and HA!

But, I know from first hand experience, this will just redouble the efforts of the antis as they seek new ways to thwart our rights. We cannot afford to be cavalier now--we must remain ever vigilant.

By the way--today is the last day for submitting comments on the right to carry in our national parks--hope everyone submitted comments. :)
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